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Two weeks ago, y’all┬áconsidered whether you would prefer to know your life’s purpose or to never have money worries again. As many of you noticed in the comments section, money was the clear, unanimous winner. Several people commented that knowing … Read the rest→

Welcome once again to this week’s edition of Would You Rather Wednesday. I’m your host, the Kasbah Queen, and am thrilled you’re here to don your thinkin’ caps to contemplate, muse, and ponder the next question. But before we do … Read the rest→

Last week’s Would You Rather dilemma pitted thought and emotions against each other in a battle for control. While solid arguments were given in support of each side, many more of you decided to go with controlling other’s emotions. Those … Read the rest→

To master all languages or all musical instruments, that is the question. Or rather that was the question in last week’s Would You Rather debate. It was almost a no-contest win again with the linguists far exceeding the musicians by … Read the rest→

In the aftermath of the great food vs. sleep debate, the tally marks in each column were almost equal. Nearly as many of you would rather be able to be completely well-rested after only three hours of sleep as were … Read the rest→

For the second time this year, there was a landslide victory for one of the Would You Rather options. Last week it was a battle between taking a two week vacation or getting the opportunity to spend 24 hours with … Read the rest→

In last week’s Would You Rather showdown, y’all had to choose between saving the library at Alexandria from its fiery demise or discover what really happened to the now lost city of Atlantis. Kasbah readers were evenly divided once again, … Read the rest→

As always, the clever readers of the kasbah answered last week’s question with panache and creativity. As it turned out, Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman each received an equal number of votes to narrate the lives of those kasbah readers … Read the rest→

In last week’s question, y’all were invited to weigh in on whether you would prefer to have the power of invisibility or the power to read other people’s minds. In reviewing all of the comments, I discovered it was a … Read the rest→

Last week’s question asked you to consider which jazzed-up body function you would prefer to have: confetti burps or glitter farts. I must say I was a little worried many of you would find the question a little too awkward … Read the rest→

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