Taking Tea in the Kasbah

In last week’s question, y’all were invited to weigh in on whether you would prefer to have the power of invisibility or the power to read other people’s minds. In reviewing all of the comments, I discovered it was a total slam dunk for one of the options over the other: invisibility.

I believe that was the first official landslide victory of Would You Rather Wednesday.

Mind reading didn’t stand a chance with y’all.

What did I choose? I don’t want to seem like a sheeple who just follows the crowd, but I must confess I had chosen invisibility at the time I wrote last week’s question. As many people pointed out, the possibilities for being a fly on the wall or for pulling pranks are endless. My personal favorite reason, though, was having the ability to fly first class for free anywhere in the world.

Have invisibility, will travel. End of story.

Don’t worry, I’ll send y’all a postcard.

And now on to this week’s question:

Assuming your life is narrated by someone, would you rather have that person be

Morgan Freeman

photo credit: Erprofe via photopin cc

photo credit: Erprofe via photopin cc

– OR –

Jim Carrey?


So, lovely readers, who will be the chosen one who will document your life for posterity? Will you choose the suave, deep timbre of Morgan Freeman’s voice? Or will it be the comedic and witty voice of Jim Carrey? Sit, sip, and share. I always love to hear from you.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Would You Rather Question: Morgan or Jim?

  1. Okay. So! I’m sure you think that I think that Jim Carrey is the obvious choice for the story of my life.

    But, I think that what you think that I think is wrong-o!

    I envision a Johnny Carson like monologue where the voice and demeanor of the person are totally out-of-synch with the words and scenes. Yes. I know you likely are of an age where you think Jay Leno is the original host of The Tonight Show. Me? I purchased out-take videos of Johnny Carson. As a history lesson. Really. So I could relate the older generation(s).

    In short, I’d totally go with Morgan Freeman and hope to make him crack-himself-up while reading my memoirs.

    • Luckily for you (and for me), Gloria, I think I wasn’t thinking what you thought I’d think based on your original thought. Instead, I thought what you thought after you thought I’d think what you’d thought I’d think. Clear? Good.


      Just for the record, I am old enough to have watched the Tonight Show when Johnny was host. Sure, I was only a wee one, but I remember it clearly enough because I didn’t get all of the jokes and that really annoyed me. I remember thinking I couldn’t wait until I got what made him so funny to my parents. Ditto for early Saturday Night Live episodes (O.k., I was really supposed to be in bed instead of watching them from around the corner of the living room at 11:30pm. What can I say? My quest for knowledge didn’t stop at bedtime).

      And I think Morgan Freeman would totally crack up while reading your memoirs. I can already hear his deep laugh as he tries to maintain composure.

  2. While I do love Morgan’s voice, I have to go with Jim for a couple of reasons. First, he is hilarious and would add an entertaining factor to my life story that may otherwise be lacking. Also, we both share a love for voice imitation ~ I imagine he breaks into different voices and accents at random times, as do I, so he would capture that part of my personality quite well!

    • Yes, the impersonations and voices would make Jim Carrey a good choice for you. And I agree, he would be immensely entertaining.

  3. I’ll go with Morgan. Not sure why. With Morgan, I think understatement. With Jim, I think hyperbole. I’m more of an understatement life.
    Pour the tea!

    • *pours you a proper cup of British tea after learning how to make it this past weekend while on Foliday*

      Morgan Freeman can do understated very well. I think it also lends him an air of intelligence and humility that I find appealing.

  4. Seeing as I already have a million little voices in my head, I think I can justify splitting the task of narrating my life between Jim and Morgan. That’s 500K each.
    Hmm. May need a few more narrators. Is John Cusack busy, do you think?

    • Multiple narrators is a sneaky and clever way to get around the choice thing. I only wish I’d thought of it. Will each of the narrators get certain aspects of your life or will they divide it by day of the week or time of day? Just wondering.

      John Cusack would be a GREAT narrator. I’ll give him a ring and get back to you.

  5. I’m a little disappointed that BCumberbatch isn’t one of the choices…he’d get my vote. He could tell everyone about my aluminium windows and my fixation with Jaguars…

    • Heh. The thought may have crossed my mind. Once or thrice.

      I was worried the classy British actor was getting too much air time in the kasbah so I didn’t include him. Plus, the other guys wouldn’t have stood a chance.

      If he were narrating my life, among other things I’d be sure buy aluminium furniture for my pet jaguar so I would have somewhere to sit and pet him with my fingers on a regular schedule.

  6. I love Morgan’s voice, but at this point in my life, I need more laughs. Jim cracks me up every time I see his face. He doesn’t have to say a word.

    • He does have the ability to make people laugh without saying a word. His face is so expressive that way, isn’t it?

  7. I am going to have to go with Morgan. There is something sincere and comforting about his voice. He narrated the live-action nature movie about penguins. How could I not go with the guy who did that so well? If I could choose someone to narrate my life for laughability-sake, it would have to be Sandra Bullock.

    • I agree, his voice does sound sincere and comforting. And what’s not to love about a guy who can talk for an hour about penguins?

      Sandra Bullock would be a good choice for a more comedic quality. If that’s purely what I’m going for, then I think I’ll see if Ellen is available. 🙂

  8. I want both. Morgan for the serious times and Jim for the silly, hilarious, wacky, unconventional times. Hmm. That would be about 90% of my life. Morgan would get a little bored, I’m afraid!

    • I doubt Morgan or anyone else would get bored narrating your life, Jodi. Doesn’t seem possible. I agree, having different narrators would make my life sound much more fascinating.

  9. I’m going with Morgan Freeman. I love the timbre of his voice. He’d probably make my life sound larger than life, right?

    • The timbre of his voice is very lovely. Yes, I can already hear how my life is infinitely more fascinating with Morgan narrating it.

  10. on ,
    Marcia said:

    Morgan Freeman hands down! What a voice!!! ….we’ll other than B.C. Sigh….

    • Yes, Morgan Freeman has a great voice, though it’s hard to beat a certain classy British actor’s lovely accent. No contest, really.

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