Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Sooooo, yeah. I’ve been gone a while. Again. I know, I just up and left the kasbah without warning. But you see, life has this funny way of finding you and forcing nudging you to face your inner demons, those … Read the rest→

To be a cat or a dog, that was the question. All who answered this age-old conundrum had very strong convictions on which one they’d rather be. In the cat camp, people claimed the life of a cat was a … Read the rest→

*opens creaky door to kasbah* Hello? Anyone here? *walks into cobwebs strung about like streamers* *flails about trying desperately to remove the cobwebs now clinging to my hair and clothes* *steps outside and grabs nearest large stick* *returns to kasbah … Read the rest→

It’s that time again, astute readers. Another Wednesday, another question… But first, let’s reminisce about last week’s question, shall we? Y’all were given the choice between getting a year off at your current rate of pay or the chance to … Read the rest→

It’s a wintery wonderland outside the writing cave, festive readers, which means it’s a SNOW DAY for me. I LOVE snow days when work is closed and I have an unexpected extra day to play in the fluffy white stuff … Read the rest→

Welcome back, kind readers, to the Wednesday Would You Rather question. Last time, y’all were told to choose between having a fabulous living room or a gorgeous yard. Kasbah readers seem to be the outdoorsy type as an overwhelming majority … Read the rest→

Just popping in the kasbah, dear readers, for a short post this week. In light of the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow here in the US, I decided to share an article from The Daily Good on Giving Thanks for 21 Blessings in … Read the rest→

Welcome back, clever readers, to this week’s edition of the Would You Rather question. The last time we convened in the kasbah, y’all were asked to ponder whether you’d prefer to go about your daily routine completely naked or take … Read the rest→

Last week things got a bit heavy in the kasbah with y’all pondering whether you would rather know HOW or WHEN the world was going to end. Despite the somber tone of the question, the comments left by those who … Read the rest→

This week’s WANA Friday topic is to write about book I’ve recently read that impacted me in some way. I’ve just finished reading an incredibly sweet, fantastically penned YA novel, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. From Goodreads: “Set over the … Read the rest→

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