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Welcome once again to this week’s edition of Would You Rather Wednesday. I’m your host, the Kasbah Queen, and am thrilled you’re here to don your thinkin’ caps to contemplate, muse, and ponder the next question. But before we do that, let’s review last week’s dilemma in which I presented you with the choice of possessing a photographic memory or getting an IQ bump of 40 points.

Again, it was almost an equal split. Those seeking a higher IQ score barely edged out those wishing for a sharper memory card in their craniums for the win. Many good reasons for both sides were shared, including winning gazillions on Jeopardy, remembering tunes and other people’s names, and possessing better organizational skills.

As for me, I decided to come down on the side of a higher IQ. While I have a passion for learning as much as I can in this lifetime, I believe I have to work harder than most to retain and apply newly acquired knowledge. It would be nice to be able to learn more and in a shorter time span. I’m also always fighting the self-defeating demon that I’m the least intelligent person in the room (well, not right at the moment since I’m the only one in the room – let’s hope I’m smarter than the chair I’m sitting in). I’d like a razor-sharp intellect and be able to absorb and apply what I’ve learned with some ease. Also, I could more easily beat the 13 year-old at Connect Four, at least once in a while.

And now, on to this week’s question:

Would you rather

know without a doubt the purpose and direction of your life

photo credit: Keoki Seu via photopin cc

photo credit: Keoki Seu via photopin cc

– OR –

never have to worry about money for the rest of your life?

photo credit: pfala via photopin cc

photo credit: pfala via photopin cc


So, which will you choose? Your life’s purpose, laid out for you in a glossy portfolio with lots of photos and snarky anecdotes (at least that’s how I imagine it)? Or an ethical, locked-in money scheme that ensures you never have money worries ever again? Sit, sip, and share. I always love to hear from you.

19 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Would You Rather Question: Your Money or Your Life

  1. This one easy for me, but it’s by default.

    The last thing I want is to know what’s mapped out for me for the rest of my life. My life is organic and should respond and react to stimuli around me. I know the same freedom applies to others, but chose “I” because I don’t want to make assumptions for others. I enjoy playing shift-the-Rubic-Cube with life.

    That option leaves me imagining a loud voice booming from the heaven-knows-what-corner of my brain, “This choice does not fit the predetermined Purpose and Direction of your Life. Abort! Abort!”

    Yes, choosing enough money to never have to worry again seemed shallow when I first considered it. However, I worry about the plight of others.

    When I think of the money worries and true needs those seated in the lobby of The Gloria Richard Adopt-a-Problem Agency…

    Money! Yes. My final answer.

    • Interesting take on the question, Gloria. I thought of the “purpose of your life” option as more of a vague reference to a general calling of sorts. But I guess even that takes out free will and the option to mix things up as you see fit.

      Not having money worries might just open up possibilities that might not otherwise be available, thereby leading a person to more clearly fulfill their life’s purpose, as multi-faceted as that might be.

  2. I too would take financial security! Worrying about finances is a chore I’d rather not be bothered with.

    But one of the greatest beauties in life, is the magic of its many possibilities. I believe our paths can change at any moment based on our courage and daring. How do you “know” you can’t do something, if you never try. I LOVE the statement by Mickey Mouse: “This is an anything can happen day!” Because when we believe it, it’s true. For me that magic would dissipate, if I knew exactly what would happen when.

    • As for the money, I see it as a tool that can be used to help others. True joy lies in giving and helping others.

      • I would hope that each of our life’s purposes has more to do with helping others and making the world a better place – at least that’s how I interpreted the option. But I totally agree – taking the money option allows for way more opportunities to help others.

  3. on ,
    Laird Sapir said:

    I’m with Gloria and Elizabeth. Definitely don’t want to know what’s in store ( what if the future is bleak? That’d be depressing!). So, show me the money!!! 🙂

    • The future would never be bleak for you, Laird. You’re far too enthusiastic and creative for life to be anything but adventurous (in a good way, obviously). Nevertheless, the money option is indeed a solid one. Just think of all the bedazzling you could accomplish. 😉

  4. At last! I think we will be unanimous. I’ll take money, but like Gloria, I don’t mean to be Shallow. I just do NOT want to know the purpose of my life. I’m all for being surprised!

    • I think you’re right – this question is turning out a united front of comments all in favor of the money. And what could be better for bunch of writers than a secure financial future, right? 🙂

  5. I’m answering this before I read any of the other comments: it’s the $$ for me, with little hesitation.
    And this is because to be able to fund every whim, every fancy, every passion without having to WORK (and thereby having to compromise on how I spend my time) would be the most amazing thing ever.
    Life is the JOURNEY and not the destination, so who cares whether there’s a grand plan or not? So long as we enjoy ourselves and/or feel as though we’re making a difference, that’s the main thing.
    Having said that, I would like some sort of SIGN that I’m meant to be a novelist — hence my slight hesitation in choosing. It’s all very well to plug away at something doggedly, and trust that perseverence will will out, but some HINT that this is the way to go and I’m not completely deluded would be welcome.

    • So, having read the other comments now, I put my hand up as being undoubtedly the most shallow. 😛

      • No! I am certain you are a generous and giving person. The question presupposes that you’ll consider your own fate and circumstances so don’t worry about it. Life is certainly a journey, one to be enjoyed and not meticulously planned out. I agree, though, a tiny hint or vague reference to writing being one of the things I am meant to do would be most appreciated. 😉

  6. Life is a mystery. Sure there are times I want to haul out the crystal ball for a quick consult, but then I remember I don’t have one and that’s a good thing.
    I have had to worry about money. It’s a frightening feeling, not knowing where your next meal will come from, if you’ll make next month’s rent. When I was in that place, my prayer was, may I go thru a grocery store one day and buy what we NEED without running a perpetual tally in my head, and having to choose between 2 basics bc that week we can not have both.
    I would never want to be swimming in money, a little excess is fun because it allows travel and generosity, but to know I always have what I need…
    Wait a minute. That prayer has been answered. I don’t need to make a choice here on your blog, dear Tami, because I’ve already been blessed.

    • Well said, Sherry. I, too, am blessed, even on my worst days and my worst moments. I have lots of “first world” problems that I am so lucky to even have. In fact, I shouldn’t even consider them problems, but challenges to rise above.

  7. on ,
    Brinda said:

    I’m going for the dough. I don’t need to know my life map. I might get disappointed and who wants to see that in the future. I want to imagine that fantastic things are in store for me. I’d like to live in a home right on a sandy beach while I dream up new things for my future.

    • I hear ya. There is a certain excitement in not knowing what wonderful things are in store for us in the future. Finding out as we go along is half the fun.

  8. on ,
    Marcia said:

    I’m going for the money, because I think one can still have a calling without having to know every detail about the ins and outs of traversing the journey. I have had the joy of actually being blessed with a true calling….but never gifted with the abundance of financial wealth.

    • Yes, this work we do does not always come with an abundance of financial wealth. Good thing we work with such awesome people and adorable little clients to offset some of that. 😉

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