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I’ve noticed a trend in the kasbah over the last couple of weeks. The Would You Rather choices should, if they are doing their job, provoke people into making a tough decision. But after another landslide victory (last week it … Read the rest→

It may come as no surprise that last week’s question brought about a complete and thorough landslide victory for the whisperers. Not one of you opted to SHOUT your way through life and I, for one, am grateful. As more … Read the rest→

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means… Yes, astute readers, it’s time to get back into the Would You Rather groove. Apologies for having missed a few weeks. In the last question, y’all were asked to consider whether you’d … Read the rest→

Apologies for having missed last week’s Would You Rather question, fine readers. I’m in the wild throes of house renovations and was buried beneath a mountain of paint cans, paint trays, paint brushes, paint rollers… You get the picture. Now … Read the rest→

Last week’s question brought about a landslide victory for the ending of hatred and oppression. Every single person who commented chose to bring about peace and equality and love. I wasn’t surprised by this, not in the least. Kasbah readers … Read the rest→

The quandary posed last week –  having an extra hour every day or receiving $40 a day free and clear – was not an easy one for me. It didn’t help that whenever I read someone’s comment, I’d think, “Yes! … Read the rest→

Last week y’all were asked to entertain the notion of either giving up your sight for a day or giving up your phone for a month. It was a close race between the two, with those willing to not see … Read the rest→

The final tally in the epic battle between the goats and geese is in and I’m here to tell you, the geese have won. That’s right, after reading through the comments from last week’s question on whether you preferred to … Read the rest→

In last week’s question y’all were asked to consider whether you would rather have the details of your romantic life be made into a hit sit-com or have your personal finances be known to everyone you meet. The results are in and … Read the rest→

After a quick tally of the comments on last week’s question – would you rather get to travel outside of your own country to a place you’ve always wanted to see, but with only enough money for barely adequate accommodations and … Read the rest→

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