Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Tagged: Would You Rather…?

To be a cat or a dog, that was the question. All who answered this age-old conundrum had very strong convictions on which one they’d rather be. In the cat camp, people claimed the life of a cat was a … Read the rest→

It’s that time again, astute readers. Another Wednesday, another question… But first, let’s reminisce about last week’s question, shall we? Y’all were given the choice between getting a year off at your current rate of pay or the chance to … Read the rest→

Welcome back, kind readers, to the Wednesday Would You Rather question. Last time, y’all were told to choose between having a fabulous living room or a gorgeous yard. Kasbah readers seem to be the outdoorsy type as an overwhelming majority … Read the rest→

Just popping in the kasbah, dear readers, for a short post this week. In light of the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow here in the US, I decided to share an article from The Daily Good onĀ Giving Thanks for 21 Blessings in … Read the rest→

Welcome back, clever readers, to this week’s edition of the Would You Rather question. The last time we convened in the kasbah, y’all were asked to ponder whether you’d prefer to go about your daily routine completely naked or take … Read the rest→

Last week things got a bit heavy in the kasbah with y’all pondering whether you would rather know HOW or WHEN the world was going to end. Despite the somber tone of the question, the comments left by those who … Read the rest→

In last week’s island-themed dilemma, y’all were asked whether you’d prefer to hang out with the cast of Gilligan’s Island on their islandĀ or with the cast of Lost on the island where their plane had crashed. Twice as many of … Read the rest→

Apologies once again for missing last week’s Would You Rather question. I have a good excuse and it’s called Jet Lag. Turns out taking a red eye flight from Hawaii back to the mainland leaves one a wee bit exhausted … Read the rest→

Last week we talked about the law, namely whether you would prefer to go back in time and enact a law of your choosing or do the same thing in the present. As always, the comments were thoughtful and thought-provoking. … Read the rest→

In last week’s quandary, y’all were asked whether you would prefer to be a fly on the wall at some self-selected point in history or if you would rather drop everything and dash off to a destination unknown by agreeing … Read the rest→

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