Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Tagged: Would You Rather…?

Last week’s question brought almost an even split in the comments with a narrow victory for those willing to have their most embarrassing moment made into a movie. Not to be overshadowed, those who didn’t give a second thought to … Read the rest→

I’ve noticed a trend in the kasbah over the last couple of weeks. The Would You Rather choices should, if they are doing their job, provoke people into making a tough decision. But after another landslide victory (last week it … Read the rest→

It may come as no surprise that last week’s question brought about a complete and thorough landslide victory for the whisperers. Not one of you opted to SHOUT your way through life and I, for one, am grateful. As more … Read the rest→

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means… Yes, astute readers, it’s time to get back into the Would You Rather groove. Apologies for having missed a few weeks. In the last question, y’all were asked to consider whether you’d … Read the rest→

Apologies for having missed last week’s Would You Rather question, fine readers. I’m in the wild throes of house renovations and was buried beneath a mountain of paint cans, paint trays, paint brushes, paint rollers… You get the picture. Now … Read the rest→

Last week’s question brought about a landslide victory for the ending of hatred and oppression. Every single person who commented chose to bring about peace and equality and love. I wasn’t surprised by this, not in the least. Kasbah readers … Read the rest→

Two weeks ago, y’all considered whether you would prefer to know your life’s purpose or to never have money worries again. As many of you noticed in the comments section, money was the clear, unanimous winner. Several people commented that knowing … Read the rest→

In the last edition of Would You Rather Wednesday, I asked which mythical creature you would prefer to become – a centaur or a mermaid/merman? At last tally, the mermaids slightly edged out the centaurs. Of the many compelling arguments … Read the rest→

Last week I resumed the Wednesday “Would You Rather…?” series with this question: Would you rather be raised by dolphins -OR- wolves? Of the adventurous readers who responded, two said they would prefer to be raised by dolphins and seven preferred to … Read the rest→

Way, way back in February, I started a series called, “Would You Rather…?” Wednesdays based on the card game and after one post, I kinda, sorta forgot about it. And not only did I commit that egregious error, but I … Read the rest→

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