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Apologies once again for missing last week’s Would You Rather question. I have a good excuse and it’s called Jet Lag. Turns out taking a red eye flight from Hawaii back to the mainland leaves one a wee bit exhausted and apparently unable to get the synapses firing coherently enough to compose a Would You Rather post.

While I can’t claim to have an abundance clarity this week, I am awake enough to resume our weekly quandaries. Last time we all gathered in the kasbah, y’all were asked to consider whether you would prefer to have breakfast in bed or be able to sleep in. In a near total sweep, the sleeping-in folks claimed the victory. It seems many of you are in need of a few extra zzz’s these days.Β And after that overnight flight and a particularly draining weekend, I’ll gladly and greedily claim a few extra hours of sleep as well.

And now, on to this week’s question, inspired by my time in Hawaii…

If you had to be stranded on a tropical island, would you rather be stuck with

the cast of Gilligan’s Island

image credit: sharetv.org

– OR –

the cast of Lost?

image credit: fanpop.com


Which will you choose, adventurous readers? Would you rather hang out with Gilligan, the Skipper, and the shipwrecked gang? Or are you more drawn to Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and the rest of the plane survivors? Sit, sip, and share your wise and whimsical thoughts. I always love to hear from you.

20 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Would You Rather Question: Gilligan’s Island or Lost?

  1. Well, boo! (It’s Halloween.)

    I can’t weigh in with my usual well-informed, literary genius, and thought-provoking (snerk) decision. I have never seen Lost.

    Yes. You have reason to remove me from your subscriber list. I’ll understand.

    By default, I go with Gilligan’s Island. Besides, someone has to ping The Professor’s buttons. Ginger and Mary Ann weren’t able to do that.

    He’s up for grabs. Just sayin’…

    • It looks like you’re in the good company of those who haven’t seen Lost, Gloria. And really, can you go wrong with Gilligan and his peeps? I think not. And like you said, someone has to challenge, intellectually or otherwise, the Professor. He’s been on that island too damn long without it.

  2. Well, since I really didn’t like the way Lost ended, I choose the zany bunch on Gilligan’s Island. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, the ending of Lost left a lot to be desired. It didn’t help that I watched it after all the discussions had long been finished on it so I had no one with which to process it. Your choice makes total sense. πŸ™‚

    • That was too easy for you, Mike. πŸ˜‰

      Though I’ll admit I’ve always been curious about the inventions they came up with to get off the island. Spending time with those MacGuyvered contraptions would be, at the very least, entertaining.

  3. I’m going to go with Gilligan, too. Never watched Lost, and they all look so…angsty. Besides, like Gloria said, the Professor has some possibilities.

    • Yes, they were a bit angsty. Though to be fair, I think I’d be angsty, too, if I just survived a plane exploding over the South Pacific.

      And yes, the Professor had a certain appeal back then. I haven’t recently seen an episode of the show to know what kind of pull he has on me these days. πŸ˜‰

  4. I love the word Liv used: angsty. I have seen bits of Lost and that’s what I thought too. ANGSTY πŸ™

    Put me down for Gilligan’s Island. “If not for the courage of the fearless crew…”
    and off I go with that song in my head!

    • Oh, dear. Now that song is in my head. Even when writing this post I managed to avoid getting it caught on a loop in my head. But now it is.

      Thanks, Suzanne! πŸ˜‰

  5. Never seen Lost–the commercials were always so intense. On the other hand, I own the entire Gilligan’s Island collection. Skipper, Gilligan and the castaways were always there to greet me when I got home from school. And let’s face it, being stranded on an island, tropical or not, comes with enough hardship. Laughter is the best medicine, and the best coping skill.

    • So true, Sherry. While there were some funny moments on Lost, it was a more intense show. Gilligan and the gang had way more shenanigans to laugh over.

  6. I would choose to be with the cast of LOST on Gilligan’s Island. I saw LOST and that island is much too scary for me, with its evil black mist, rabid polar bears, and the Others!

    • Clever answer, Elizabeth! The black mist and the Others on Lost were so creepy. Transplanting Jack and Sawyer to Gilligan’s island would be way more fun.

  7. on ,
    Brinda said:

    I grew up on Gilligan’s Island. Been there, done that. Seriously. My sister and I play acted Gilligan’s Island scenarios for hundreds of hours during childhood.

    I’m going to choose Lost. It’s a show that I watched for a season and loved. Now I have Netflix and I’m so excited that I get to watch the whole thing from the beginning. If I ever find the time…

    • I fiendishly devoured all of the seasons of Lost on Netflix a couple of years ago. I think of Lost as the twisted, thriller version of Gilligan’s Island. I hope you get to watch it soon. πŸ™‚

  8. on ,
    marcia said:

    Honestly, haven’t seen either Gilligan’ s Island or Lost….but it’s been fun reading everyone elses responses!

    • I think you should get yourself a subscription to Netflix so you can catch up on all the American pop culture shows from long ago. Just saying’. πŸ™‚

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