Taking Tea in the Kasbah

In last week’s quandary, y’all were asked whether you would prefer to be a fly on the wall at some self-selected point in history or if you would rather drop everything and dash off to a destination unknown by agreeing to play the Departure Roulette game. Not surprisingly, those willing to pack their bags and follow the whims of the departure board won out over those choosing to be a fly on a historical wall.

Despite the stronger showing for present day travel, every one who commented is an adventurer in my book. I had a hard time deciding which one was the more appealing scenario. Being a fly on the wall meant I got to choose where I went. But that also meant I wouldn’t be able to ask questions or make comments to those on whom I was spying. With Departure Roulette, there would be less control over where I went, but I’d be able to interact with the people and the place wherever I landed.

So which did I choose? Ultimately, travel is a much more enjoyable adventure for me if I can experience it on a multi-faceted level. I want to talk to people, ask questions, taste the food, and touch the stones of antiquity whenever I can get away with it. So give me a spin on the Departure Roulette board any day.

And now, on to this week’s question:

Would you rather

have the ability to enact a single law of your choosing in the present day

photo credit: mariusz kluzniak via photopin cc

photo credit: mariusz kluzniak via photopin cc

– OR –

have the ability to go back in time and do the same thing?

photo credit: Joe Gratz via photopin cc

photo credit: Joe Gratz via photopin cc


So which will you choose, wise readers? To put a law in effect in the here and now? Or go back in time and enact a law that could change the course of history? The tea is steeped, the pillows are fluffed. Sit, sip, and share. I always love to hear from you.



19 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Would You Rather Question: Making a Difference Now or Then

    • Good for you, Marcia! There are many laws that might have made a difference in so many lives had they been enacted at some point in the past.

  1. Because the law I would want to enact would have to do with enforcing *severe* punishments in cases of animal cruelty, I would have to go back in time. That way more animals would be spared the injustices of human cruelty. Sorry to be so serious on this one, but the International March for Elephants is still fresh in my mind.

  2. Oh, to go back and change Jim Crow, or introduce the emancipation act before slavery started.

    However, having recently read Stephen King’s 11/22/63, and having viewed Back to the Future enough times I can recite the movie line by line, I vote to allow the lessons of the past to educate me so that I can influence sound and positive change now.

    • I’m all for learning lessons from the past to create positive social change here and now. I am also very tempted to go back in time and change Jim Crow in order to influence positive change way back then. If only there were a way to do both…

  3. Despite my reason for wanting to enact a law NOW, this IS a non-partisan comment.

    Our legislatures should NOT have the right to exempt themselves from laws voted in for the rest of the country. They are representatives OF the PEOPLE & PART OF the PEOPLE.

    This applies to all parties in Washington currently feuding over a plethora of laws, using political “add-ons” and favoritism to gain (buy) enough votes to pass a law that will be mandatory for all Americans — except members of the legislative body and their support staff, and unions (that represent a voting block on which many depend), and…?

    Mandatory for all. All men and woman are created equal, and I do not recall our founding fathers establishing a fiefdom in Washington to pass laws that are not applicable to them.

    Republican, Democratic, Libertarians, Tea Party, Independents. All need to be sent back to Kindergarten to learn the basics.

    Taking my soapbox and toting it away now.

    • ERM. Tami, you won’t hurt my feelings if you choose to delete this comment. It may cross a political line you choose not to have rants about explore on your blog.

      • Not at all, Gloria. You’re welcome to get that soapbox out anytime because I know you’ll share your ideas and opinions in a respectful manner. No deleting goin’ on here.

  4. Since Gloria brought up politics, I’m going to say I would love to go back in time and set term limits on all those spoiled fat cats of Washington. All of them. I’m talking about both sides of the aisle and those camped in between. With their love of luxury, power, protection, and outrageous perks for themselves and their families, they prostitute their positions and discontinue serving the people who voted them in. First they flirt. Then date. Soon, their constituents can be hanged because they’re “going all the way, baby!” … with their peers and the opposing party as well. It just all feels too good to stop.

    Can you see why no decisions can be reached in Washington DC these days? Much of the reason is that these life-long politicians are going to keep their nests feathered at all costs. Term limits are a huge step in the right direction to ending this travesty of political power.

    • Poor Tami is going to have a lot of deleting to do should she choose to get politics off this post. SORRY, TAMI!

      One thing I LOVE about Texas is that this state still operates using the calendar originally established for the federal government. They have legislative sessions once every two years, unless the Governor calls for a Special Session.

      Guess what those representatives do during their hiatus between sessions? They return to the live and work with the constituents who voted them into office.

      • I didn’t know that about Texas. Representatives who live and work among those they claim to represent? So they can see and hear first hand what the needs of that community are all about? Call me crazy, but that sounds like responsible governance to me.

    • You make some good points, Jodi. Term limits could certainly help some of the power hungry politicians from lingering too long and doing damage over a long period of time. Power and greed have long been the guideposts for many politicians. Sadly, there are no quick fixes to overhauling our government.

  5. As Sherry said, allow the lessons of the past to educate us. So I would choose to enact a law in the present day. It would have to do with allowing people freedoms, so long as those freedoms did not impinge on the freedoms of others.

  6. This is a tough one for me because I don’t think that laws in place deter people all that much. Having said that and having to choose one, I’m with Elizabeth on going back and enacting severe punishments for animal cruelty (and for child abuse).

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