Taking Tea in the Kasbah

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It’s that time again, astute readers. Another Wednesday, another question… But first, let’s reminisce about last week’s question, shall we? Y’all were given the choice between getting a year off at your current rate of pay or the chance to … Read the rest→

Welcome back, kind readers, to the Wednesday Would You Rather question. Last time, y’all were told to choose between having a fabulous living room or a gorgeous yard. Kasbah readers seem to be the outdoorsy type as an overwhelming majority … Read the rest→

The quandary posed last week –  having an extra hour every day or receiving $40 a day free and clear – was not an easy one for me. It didn’t help that whenever I read someone’s comment, I’d think, “Yes! … Read the rest→

Last week y’all were asked to entertain the notion of either giving up your sight for a day or giving up your phone for a month. It was a close race between the two, with those willing to not see … Read the rest→

Two weeks ago, y’all considered whether you would prefer to know your life’s purpose or to never have money worries again. As many of you noticed in the comments section, money was the clear, unanimous winner. Several people commented that knowing … Read the rest→

Welcome once again to this week’s edition of Would You Rather Wednesday. I’m your host, the Kasbah Queen, and am thrilled you’re here to don your thinkin’ caps to contemplate, muse, and ponder the next question. But before we do … Read the rest→

In honor of Valentine’s Day, last week I asked y’all which would be the preferable choice: be given a love potion that you could use on anyone you haven’t met or already know OR be the creator of such a love potion … Read the rest→

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