Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Winter in the Pacific Northwest can feel like one long, soggy haul which then drags itself dripping wet into an equally long, soggy spring. On the upside, everything remains lush and emerald green throughout the year and the flowers and trees begin to bloom as early as the beginning of March. Peering at them through the raindrops on my windows can make any gray flannel sky day a little more cheery.

Every so often, though, we get one of those rare and gloriously sunny days. At the first hint of blue skies, we all crawl out of our caves and squint at that bright flaming ball in the sky wondering what the hell it is and why is it so damn bright? Once we’ve overcome our temporary blindness by slipping on our long-forgotten shades and can see again, we rejoice in the sapphire blue skies and the warm, gentle breezes as though we’re a very large and awkward flash mob of vitamin D deficient Von Trapp Family Singers.

It is also a time for all of the canine companions to take their humans to frolic about in the local dog parks. Since I am considering getting a dog in the near future, I find myself lingering for a few moments at the one in my neighborhood while on a walk to watch them chasing balls and running amok with their dog friends. At this particular dog park, a separate section has been fenced off for the smaller breed dogs to have their fun without fear of being chased and eaten by the bigger dogs. It also has special entrance with an archway for the little fellas to enter to their section of the dog park. Whenever I pass by it, I can’t help but smile.

Run free, little doggies, run free

Run free, little doggies, run free

The little dogs were as happy to be out in the warm sunshine as their humans and were in constant motion, making it rather difficult to photograph them on my phone. While the photo below is not at all artistic or even remotely like what I’d hoped to capture, I thought I’d share it anyway so you can get a sense of where the little fellas run free.

happy little dogs, happy humans

happy little dogs and their happy humans


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How about you, free-spirited readers? Anyone else have a dog park in your city? What would you photograph in your own neighborhood? Sit, sip, and chat a bit. I always love to hear from you.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

  1. I love going to off-leash dog parks — I used to take my mum’s dog and loved watching him spring around and explore. And everyone is so friendly too.
    I’ve got a “my neighbourhood” post in the works… Thanks for the shoutout!

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      You’re welcome, Ellen! It’s always fun to watch the dogs having such a blast. I can’t help but smile every time I pass the dog park.

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  4. Little dog corner ~ how cute!
    and thanks for the mention 🙂
    We don’t have any dog parks around here, I don’t think. It’s something to look into though!

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      You’re welcome, Kim! The little dog corner is mighty cute. It almost makes me want to get a small dog instead of a bigger one. 🙂

  5. Burnsie loves the dog park. But then, Burnsie loves going for walkies just about anywhere. But then, Burnsie loves hanging around like a big fluffy pillow with feet, too. But then, Burnsie loves having his belly scratched. But then…
    Nice photos. Get a dog. 😉

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Burnsie sounds like a charmer and a keeper. I hope I can find one as adorable as him. 🙂

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