Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Dear Readers and Visitors to the Kasbah,

Apologies for the late posting. I’ve been terribly busy, what with all of the new contracts I’m signing for more films in the coming year, not to mention the current filming projects with which I’m already involved.

The Queen tells me she’s had quite the week herself though it was difficult to decipher some of it in her email from the Writing Cave. There was something about how fun the Denver airport is, especially after an extended six-hour layover, how becoming an unintended guru for an intoxicated 25 year-old on the plane was interesting, and how her car wouldn’t start when she returned, thus stranding her at the airport two hours from home. But she did say the weather was good at the beach, her friends were lovely as ever, and she had a great time overall, so let’s all hope that’s what she remembers most about her time away.

Wow – it looks like there was a party going on in the kasbah this week. *adeptly avoids slipping on spilled salsa and banana peels* *wonders why there is a mechanical bull in the kasbah* *is grateful the bourbon is still in the cupboard to make more chocolate pudding*

No worries, readers. Your secret is safe with me.

I shall look askance at the party detritus that was left. And I definitely don’t see any mechanical bulls covered in banana peels in the middle of the room. By Sam Hughes from UK derivative work: RanZag via Wikimedia Commons

I’ll just put on some tunes and tidy up a bit so the Queen is none the wiser to the shenanigans. While I’m doing that, you can listen to this week’s Writing Cave theme song suggestion, which also doubles as a great song to listen to while cleaning:



Since I’m keeping your secret, fair readers, I need you to keep another one for me. I am secretly planning to make some minor changes to the kasbah as a gift to the Queen. Some upgrades, if you will. Just a little nip and tuck here and there, nothing the Queen hasn’t wanted to renovate herself. But let’s keep this between us for now. I want to surprise her with it.

Until next week, fine readers and visitors, if you’re participating in NaNoWriMo like the Queen of the Kasbah, best of luck with the continued word slinging and getting it all down on the page.

All the best,



*Editor’s note: The views, ideas, and opinions expressed in the Letters from Benedict series are works of fiction and obviously did not come from the actor himself. This series is just my way of expressing adoration for Mr. Cumberbatch and his work and is not intended to be seen or read as a true collaborative writing endeavor with him. 

14 thoughts on “Letters from Benedict: On Clean Up & Renovations

  1. Good gracious, but this fine chap continues to amaze. There are some who would assume that such a fine British gentleman would be understandably appalled by the goings-on this week. I can only assume that his immunity is possibly a byproduct of the years of exposure to such rollicking Brit institutions as Mr.Bean and Monty Python? Still, I won’t lie and pretend I’m’ not disappointed. I was sorta, kind’ve [definitely] looking forward to seeing Sherry and Gloria get in BIG BIG trouble for the mess they left behind :-O

    I can’t decide if I’m more intrigued to hear details of the Queens travels OR details of the secret plans to tweak this-n-that in the Kasbah. I do admit there’s something in the word “secret” that draws my attentions like a Raccoon to shiny objects…

    • The Queen tells me tales of her recent travels will be chronicled in the coming weeks. And while Mr. Bean and Monty Python did indeed prepare me for such sights like I found in the kasbah, I have a few of my own tales of past carousing. Best to leave those for telling at the pub over a few pints.

  2. Cool musical choice. That driving beat inspires me to do more than clean house.

    Pardon me? What’s that you say? (Pause for indignant shock) Heaven’s no, Benedict, what a lurid suggestion. I meant work on my manuscript!

    • That driving beat can inspire a great many things, things that the Queen would say were a hop, skip and a jump outside of this PG-13 blog. Perhaps the renovations I’m doing should include a new rating… *pulls notepad out of tool belt to make reminder note* *realizes ‘tool belt’ has double entendre meaning* *makes a coy grin at this*

    • Thanks, Mike. NaNo is going well so far. I’m keeping up the pace and getting the words down on the page, even if I don’t really like them. That’s really the hardest part for me – not editing as I go. This will be an interesting ride in the coming weeks, that’s for sure. 🙂

  3. on ,
    livrancourt said:

    Love the Black Keys! and can’t wait to see the renovation!!

  4. I love the Black Keys. I assume the 25-year-old intoxicated one was seated next to you on the plane. I hope it was entertaining vs. annoying.

    • The 25 year-old was entertaining, which is saying something given that I was on my third flight of the day at 10:30pm (after having been awake since 3am). Maybe I was a little punchy by then. Or maybe I’m just easily amused.

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