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Last week I presented you fine readers with that age-old question “Would you rather have a refrigerator that is always stocked with your favorite food and drink or a car that never breaks down or runs out of gas?” Unlike the previous quotes vs. Pig Latin question, this week’s responses were more evenly divided among commenters. And, as always, there were some very clever ideas for how best to use either option. Some of those ideas could even be classified as Awesomesauce.

I, myself, was rather fond of the idea of having the car option and being able to drive wherever I wanted, like, say, to the houses of all of my friends and inviting myself over whenever my boring ol’ fridge ran out of food. I also love the freedom of going on a road trip in a magic, badass car (yes, you get to choose what you drive in this scenario). This would be hard for me to pass up, especially since my GPS system will definitely have the voice of a certain classy British actor.

Yes, that’ll do. ~ image credit: By Viggen (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

So, before I get outta Dodge in my magic car to visit all of you with magic refrigerators, I’ll leave you with this week’s Halloween inspired Would You Rather…? question:

Would you rather live in a haunted house with a ghost who is always pulling embarrassing pranks on you and your family

image credit ~ AlicePopkorn via flickr

– OR –

always be on the run from zombies?

image credit ~ Mark Lobo via flickr


What will it be, spooktacular readers? A haunted house with a ghost who has a wicked sense of humor or outrunning the zombies? Sit, sip, and share your clever ideas. I’m curious as ever to see what y’all come up with this week. Happy Halloween!

30 thoughts on “Wednesday’s “Would You Rather…?” Halloween question: Ghosts vs. Zombies

  1. Oh, Tami, Tami, Tami…

    You ask me to choose, and one of those choices includes the words “sense of humor” and “pranks”?


    ’nuff said?

    • Perhaps we have different ideas of what those pranks would be. And since I am the puppet master of Would-You-Rather-Land, you may want to rethink your choice. Just sayin’. 😉

      • ERK!

        Aren’t you supposed to be NaNo’ing?

        Pinging good vibes from the morning stars over Texas. Go get ’em!

        And, leave my fun, friendly ghosties alone.

        • Since I’m busy NaNo’ing, your ghosties will have a month-long reprieve from my puppet mastery. Lucky you. 😉

          Many thanks for the good vibes! I can use all that I can get.

  2. Ghost. Haunted house. Definitely. I’m so over zombies. Ghosts are far more nuanced. And they’d give a house character.

    • Ghosts do give a house character, albeit character that could keep you awake at night or scare you half to death at inopportune times. 😀

    • Well, since you already have two zombies I can see why you’d choose the ghosts. Two zombies is enough for one person to worry about in a lifetime. Happy Halloween to you, too!

  3. That one was almost too easy. I’d live with the ghosts. I have a great sense of smell. It’s really a nuisance sometimes. I couldn’t stand smelling rotten flesh 24/7.

    • Easy? Really? I guess if I had a super smeller like you it would a be easy to choose. Rotting flesh is nasty, not to mention all of the flies. But the zombies wouldn’t be inside the house. You could lock ’em out, have air fresheners, lots of flowers, etc. And who knows what kind of ghost you’d be getting? What if the ghost liked to leave smelly gym socks all over the house? What if the ghost were fond of eating boiled cabbage with a hearty side of raw garlic? What then, Brinda? WHAT THEN?

  4. on ,
    livrancourt said:

    Ghosts. Definitely. Hate zombies.
    Hey…how come one of the options didn’t include vampires?
    Just sayin’…

    • I didn’t include vampires because who wouldn’t choose Eric Northman? Nobody, that’s who. I thought including them would make it too easy. Obviously there are far more ghost-lovin’ readers out there than I anticipated. 😉

  5. I’ll definitely go with ghosts. Zombies are so messy, what with the falling-off body parts. Count me a ghostbuster all the way. 😉

    • Zombies aren’t known for being tidy, that’s for sure. Then again, ghosts can create quite a mess, too. 😉

    • Well-meaning ghosts are fine as guests, but what if you get one that is more than just a nuisance? What if the ghost likes to blast Muzak at 2am every night? Just sayin’…

    • I guess you wouldn’t have to be running all of the time. One does have to sleep, eat, take a shower, use the loo. For all of you non-runners out there, might I suggest some heavy duty locks for your home. I mean, how strong can zombies be if a hard yank on a lock makes their arm fall off?

  6. I should mention, my writing life sometimes feels like I’m running from zombies. Deadline, must reach the deadline…

  7. on ,
    marcia said:

    Zombies scare me. Not so much because of their horrid looks, but I’m such a germaphobe that rotting flesh and MRSA level wounds freak me out….I’ll go the ghost route any day. Happy Halloween Tami!

    • Yes, I can see how a germaphobe would certainly avoid the zombie thing. Ghosts can be less germ-ridden since they don’t actually have tangible skin to harbor such infestations. You’re always thinkin’… 🙂

  8. I’m going to take the zombies, because I prefer a foe I can cut down with a machete. The other issue is sheer numbers. I’ve been calculating the total number of potential zombies in play. I like that it’s a finite number and that since they are a threat to everyone, not just me, I’ll have a lot of help in mowing them down. So, I could reasonably expect to be free of them at some point.

    I think a ghost could outlast me easily, and God only knows how many of them there are 😉

    As for vampires, I know they aren’t one of the choices. But if they were, I think we know where I stand on that. One word: croquet.

    Happy Halloween!

    • One for the zombies! Yay! I like how you applied sound analytical thinking to this, Ben.

      And now I understand why I’ll never find a vampires playing croquet at a family reunion. 🙂

  9. Definitely going with the ghosts. I can’t think of a single positive that I might chalk-up in the Zombie column. Ghosts seem a better bet for fading in and out, where Zombies are much more in-your-face. And all that running away all the time. It’s just too much to have to worry about and so exhausting …

    • Running all of the time would be exhausting. Then again, so would being taunted by a ghost who left unsightly messes around the house. 😉

  10. Since I know from The Walking Dead (which I’m sure is 100% accurate) that zombies tend to move in packs and can take down a farm in a matter of a few short hours and that they eat you alive, I’m going to choose ghosts.

    I’m reminded of Spongebob, who houses The Flying Dutchman for a while. The Dutchman scares the pants off of him for a week or so, but he soon gets used to the morphing monster pranks and all of the antics become ho-hum.

    That’s totally how it would be with me and ghosty. See ~ he already has a pet name!

    By the way, I can pretty much bring any situation back to Spongebob…just in case you were wondering. Impressive, I know 😉

    • You’ve cited some reliable, solid resources there, Kim. I had no idea that zombies can take down a farm that quickly. They always seemed to be ambling alone so slowly and their limbs fall off so easily that I never knew what all of the apocalyptic worries were all about. Thanks for clarifying with your scientific evidence. 🙂

  11. on ,
    Tina Waters said:

    Late to read this one. I pick Ghosts, most certainly ghosts. Flesh eating zombies made my childhood nightmares unbearable. At least the prankster ghosts seem harmless, if annoying.

    • The prankster ghost certainly seems to be the popular choice here in the kasbah. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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