Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Dear Tami,

Your letter has me a bit worried. Please come out of your writing cave soon. I know you are using it as a place to write, but I’m afraid you’ll stay there too long and forget what it’s like on the outside. I also know you’re going through a lot, but do yourself a favor and don’t lock yourself away from those who are there for you, like yours truly.

I’m giving you The Look – you know, the one that says “Don’t make me come get you from the cave. Because I will.” Source: tumblr.com via Tami on Pinterest

I’ve decided to make this letter all about cheering you up. But before I get to that, I have to say I am always amazed at how resourceful you are at finding things. Like the interview I did that was posted on Kate O’Hare’s Hot Cuppa TV site in which I was asked what I thought about placing ahead of President Obama in the Time 100 Most Influential People Poll. I meant what I said about it being both flattering (because really, there are lots and lots of people I’d put ahead of myself on that list) and utterly silly (because it’s not like I’m going to frame it for posterity). In this ever-shifting, today-you’re-hot-tomorrow-you’re-not line of work, one thing has remained a constant for me: it’s always been all about the work. That’s the thrill for me, the excitement, the challenge I love. I don’t see that ever changing.

What has become more poignant for me in all of this is the realisation that I should be doing something more with this moment in my life, something profound in which I give back to the world or pay it forward somehow. It’s an odd and an amazing thing that comes with fame and notoriety – the ability to have a small, yet unique position of influence, even if it’s only for a fleeting moment in time. I haven’t yet figured out what the something is that I’ll do, but I’m looking for it.

For now, my first mission is to try to put a smile back on your face. It is a small way to pay you back for all of the kind things you’ve said about me and my work and for spreading the word about Series 2 of Sherlock premiering in the U.S. this Sunday.

At the risk of seeming like I have an inflated sense of self-importance in your life, the video clips I’ve chosen to put in your letter are here only because I’ve seen the smiles and heard the laughter they give you. I have been so busy with Sherlock premieres and interviews this past week that I didn’t have the time to find other things that make you laugh. That’s my task for a letter yet to come.

First, I’m going to post the video clip of “Starter for 10” segments that cracks you up so much. I know it’s because you’ve mostly seen me in my more serious role as Sherlock and my character in this comedy couldn’t be further from that. I hope you laugh as hard as you did the first time you watched it (especially at your favourite part starting at 2:23):

And I have seen the delightfully goofy grin you get on your face when you watch this preview clip from Series 2:

and this:

and last, but not least:

I hope this has cheered you up a bit. The darkness won’t last forever. If it continues for much longer, I’ll be forced to burst into your writing cave and whisk you away for an adventure. You know I’ll do it.

Be ready for anything, friend. Anything. Adventure awaits. Source: Uploaded by user via Tami on Pinterest

Yours supportively,



*Editor’s note: The views, ideas, and opinions expressed in the Letters from Benedict series are works of fiction and obviously did not come from the actor himself. This series is just my way of expressing adoration for Mr. Cumberbatch and his work and is not intended to be taken at face value or seen as a true collaborative writing endeavor with him.

8 thoughts on “Letters from Benedict: On the Responsibility of Fame & Spreading a Little Cheer

  1. on ,
    livrancourt said:

    I’m kind of surprised he didn’t post this video of the night you two went dancing…

    • He was originally dancing to “Thriller”, hence the scary monster moves. He does have some great moves, though, doesn’t he? 🙂

  2. The fact that BC wants to make you happy must cheer you up just a little. I can’t help but believe he is in fact writing these letters and his personality is everything I imagine it to be. Can’t wait to watch tonight. And that dancing, Liv, makes life worthwhile. 🙂

    • Oddly enough, his letters always cheer me up.

      I can’t wait to watch tonight, either. Been looking forward to it for months.

    • Not withholding information, Elaine. Just keeping it on the down low. Now that Liv has shared the video, we’ll see if he sends me a letter about going dancing. 😉

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