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There’s a lot of Valentine’s Day gift-giving advice out there today. Much of it is good, some of it is even great.  Like this advice from vlogbrothers co-conspirator, John Green: (yes, you’re right – I can’t get enough of the … Read the rest→

It’s time for another Weekend Road trip around the blogosphere. So hop in, crank up the tunes and let’s get going! I don’t know about you, but I can always use some help getting more focused. Jeff Goins’ Key to … Read the rest→

In the spirit of the oh-so-careful editing we all do, I thought I would share this funny video by New York Times Bestselling YA author John Green.  (For those of you who haven’t seen these vlogs before, John and his brother, … Read the rest→

Recently I flew to Chicago to attend my grandmother’s funeral.  Her death had come quickly and unexpectedly despite her age and worsening dementia over the last few years. So, when I received the sad news that she had passed, I … Read the rest→

I’m goin’ on a road trip and you’re all invited! Join me each week as we Road Trip around the internet and stop off to refuel at some great posts and articles I visited earlier in the week.  It’s a weekly … Read the rest→

This past year has been a tough one for me. Tough parenting-wise, tough career-wise, and tough health-wise.  One of the ways that I’ve seen myself through the tough times is by seeking out things that bring me joy and laughter. … Read the rest→

So what has been keeping me sidetracked from finishing that YA novel you ask? The siren call of travel. As much reading as I do for my own love of books and to learn more about the craft of writing, … Read the rest→

Being an introvert is hard work.  As a self-proclaimed introvert, I know this first hand.  Because our society highly values socializing and being an extrovert, I find I am constantly pushing myself to reach out beyond my comfy little bubble … Read the rest→

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