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I’m goin’ on a road trip and you’re all invited! Join me each week as we Road Trip around the internet and stop off to refuel at some great posts and articles I visited earlier in the week.  It’s a weekly round-up, mash-up, link-up of goodness and brilliance and fun. So pack a bag, pass me the cookies and let’s hit the road:

A beautifully written post by Sara Walpert Foster on looking at how we define and reveal ourselves to others as kids and as adults.

Sherry Isaac’s guest post on Gloria Richard’s blog at breaking down our goals into baby steps gave me a lot of food for thought on setting my writing goals for this month, this year, and beyond.

Laird Sapir’s Wiki Random Writing Challenge was a fun way to encourage readers to come up with a 3 sentence “story” using a random writing prompt from Wikipedia. Read through all of the entries – they’re great little snippets of writerly wit.

Given the huge popularity of paranormal and fantasy books out there, Kristin McFarland asks a great question: Is Magic Empowering or Addictive?

Since I’ve upped my social media game over the last few weeks, I’ve been on Social Media Overload. Family and friends are starting to notice the bags under my bugged-out eyes and the fact that I only speak in 140-character phrases.  Over at The Bookshelf Muse, I got some free therapy from her post Do You Need a Social Media Intervention?

One of my favorite YA authors, Libba Bray, (if you haven’t read her books yet, for the sake of all that is chocolate at LEAST read her hilarious blog, especially this post on how fellow YA author, Maureen Johnson, tried to kill her) writes about gratitude and appreciating her on-going journey of learning and growing as an author.

On travel-related things this week, Third-Eye Mom blogs about the importance of helping kids around the world have the opportunities we have – and often take for granted – here in the US.

And, since Thailand is on my list of must-see places, I was especially interested in Nomadic Matt’s breakdown of how much a trip there would cost. This guy knows how to travel frugally and since he’s been travelling non-stop for the last several years, he’s got some great advice to share.

Thanks for joining me on the Weekend Road Trip.  Tell me about other links that caught your eye this week. I’ll be sure to pass back the cookies if you do.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Road Trip

  1. Thank you so much for recommending my post on Shot@Life! I truly appreciate it and hope that it is people like you who help spread the word!!!!!

  2. Tami! So glad I followed your pingback to my blog. Had I not, I would have missed these great connections to other sites.

    You’re right.

    Libba Bray’s blog was spit-on-the-keyboard funny. I read it. Do I get a chocolate cookie now?

  3. I’m saving this post to return to all week and read your interesting suggestions (especially about setting goals). By the way, I also love travel and have two adopted kids.

  4. Tami, I love the look of your site. So fresh and uncluttered.

    Road trip – cool idea. Glad Gloria’s hammock was one of your stops, and even gladererer that you mentioned us here. My daughter has Libba Bray’s books, and I’ve read, and enjoyed, them, but never thought to see if she has a blog. On my way as soon as I hit ‘publish’.

    Phuket, Thailand, is where hubby and I honeymooned. We loved it.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Sherry! You and Gloria were lovely hosts. 🙂

      I’ve been reading Libba’s blog for a while and love her posts. They always crack me up. Maureen Johnson’s are hilarious, too.

      I’ll bet you have some amazing pictures from your honeymoon Thailand. I’m hoping to get there some day in the near future.

  5. Ditto with Sherry! I love the look of your blog, so elegant and fresh looking.

    Great selection of links, too. Definitely agree with your links for our WANA classmates posts. There have been so many excellent offering coming from this group, it’s great fun blog hopping. Inspirational, too.

    And the other links you’ve assembled sound equally intriguing and I’m looking forward to checking these out.

    Great road trip, Tami!

  6. I love the name of this post! Thank you for mentioning me – I’m going to be judging the Wikirandom contest in a bit, and I have to tell you, Its going to be TOUGH!

    And those cookies…please please pass em my way!

  7. I just saw this Tami. Thank you so much for mentioning me. Right now, I’m going to lift the bags under my eyes (or push them down?) so I can read that post by The Bookshelf Muse because Lord knows, I need some guidance. Then, on to the others.

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