Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Tagged: David Levithan

This week’s Friday theme among my blogging friends is to share a book that you can read over and over again, those comforting, familiar tales and characters that you never tire of spending time with between the pages. I have … Read the rest→

The question posed in the kasbah last week – would you rather have to take over someone else’s body to have consistency and be with your loved one or have to body hop forever? – brought up a lot of … Read the rest→

In last week’s question, I presented two career options from which to choose: Hollywood stunt double or volcanologist on a remote island. Nearly twice as many people chose the island setting over the glitz and thrills of Hollywood. The islanders … Read the rest→

I was recently nominated by fellow blogging friend, Ellen Gregory, for the Very Inspiring Blog Award in a post in which she shared her seven favorite fantasy novels (go check it out here). I am always humbled and so thankful … Read the rest→

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