Taking Tea in the Kasbah

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Last week, the talented Liv Rancourt wrote a post listing ten things she loved that began with the letter D. (She was inspired to do so by the lovely Shay Fabbro who posted on the letter P.) But the fun didn’t stop … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, Your letter has me a bit worried. Please come out of your writing cave soon. I know you are using it as a place to write, but I’m afraid you’ll stay there too long and forget what it’s … Read the rest→

                  Not my closet though I wish it was. Source: mycoffeely.com via Angelina on Pinterest Today I’m stepping out of the kasbah and hanging out with the lovely Liv Rancourt.  She is … Read the rest→

Last week I wrote about the absurd and horrifically craptastic album by Debbie Drake titled “How to Keep Your Husband Happy” (which you can read about here in case you missed it). As I and many commenters pointed out, the ridiculous … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, Because you asked for it – and only because you asked – I’m providing the link to the ad I did for Jaguar. No, I didn’t say “aluminium” in this one and yes, the Jag was fun to … Read the rest→

Despite the interest we both had in seeing Marrakesh, my daughter and I departed Rabat and the Cross-Cultural Solutions program feeling a little down. (You can read more about our volunteer week in Rabat with CCS here, here, here, and here.) Our time with … Read the rest→

I have not yet taken the opportunity to get up on my soap box here in the kasbah, but recent articles and events are pushing me to dig it out of the closet, dust if off, and step up on … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, I’m thankful that you did not ask me to go on any adventures this past week. I am still recovering from weequashing. Also, I still do not have the foggiest idea what was in Prickly Pete’s “juice”, but I … Read the rest→

Recently, I’ve had the good fortune to be introduced to Kat Evangelista, a fellow YA author and blogger whose new book, Taste, is coming out in May 2012. Kate sent me the low down on her book to share with … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, I must say that when you first suggested I should try out the art of weequashing, I was a bit skeptical. Actually, VERY skeptical. Spearing eel from a canoe by torchlight did not sound like something I would … Read the rest→

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