Taking Tea in the Kasbah

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It’s a wintery wonderland outside the writing cave, festive readers, which means it’s a SNOW DAY for me. I LOVE snow days when work is closed and I have an unexpected extra day to play in the fluffy white stuff … Read the rest→

This week’s WANA Friday topic is to write about book I’ve recently read that impacted me in some way. I’ve just finished reading an incredibly sweet, fantastically penned YA novel, Eleanor and Park┬áby Rainbow Rowell. From Goodreads: “Set over the … Read the rest→

Dear Benedict, Hey, friend. Just a warning before you delve into what I’m certain will be an all-over-the-map sort of missive – my thoughts are not very organized into the little cohesive set of files I prefer them to be. … Read the rest→

Music. Such a personal thing, an expression of oneself and our current mood, put to lyrics and melodies and rhythms. The music we’re drawn to is a reflection of our personality and preferences, just like the books we love or … Read the rest→

This week’s Friday theme is about humor and laughter and smiles. Or at least that’s how I interpreted the theme. It’s no secret here in the kasbah that I get a ridiculous amount of delight and enjoyment watching and listening … Read the rest→

This week’s WANAFriday theme is to write about the color red and what it means to you. To me, red has always signified power, strength, and energy. So what images sprang to mind when I thought of the color red? … Read the rest→

This week’s Friday prompt amongst my writer/blogger friends is: If you could have one magical item, what would it be and why? I considered many a magical object when pondering this question. Having just been to the Wizarding World of … Read the rest→

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