Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Tagged: Sherlock

Dear Benedict, As you know, I’ve been asked by several of my lovely readers to write a review of the cinematic showings of the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein. I’m hesitant to do so because frankly I’m a bit biased when … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, I am so glad you’re going to see the filmed production of Frankenstein when it’s showing in movie theatres in the U.S. Most certainly go see it both nights because Jonny Lee Miller and I swap roles for the … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, You clearly had some BIG feelings and reactions about last weekend’s final episode of Sherlock. That’s an understatement, I know. And I completely agree with you, it was a heart-wrenching episode. I’m going to take a risk here … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, Hey friend, any chance you’re close to finishing your novel and ready to climb out of the writing cave? No? Well, I thought it was worth asking. A guy can hope, can’t he? As you know, I’ve recently … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the first episode of Sherlock Series 2 last weekend. Yes, it was a lot of work leading up to the premiere here in the U.S. – lots of interviews, lots of appearances, but … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, Your letter has me a bit worried. Please come out of your writing cave soon. I know you are using it as a place to write, but I’m afraid you’ll stay there too long and forget what it’s … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, Because you asked for it – and only because you asked – I’m providing the link to the ad I did for Jaguar. No, I didn’t say “aluminium” in this one and yes, the Jag was fun to … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, I’ve been forlorn thinking of you in that writing cave/secret lair of yours feeling all sad and down. The dark place hasn’t lightened up yet, has it? I’m sad to hear that, my friend. My offer to whisk … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, It’s been entirely too long since we’ve spoken directly to each other. The location of your writing cave has proven more elusive than I had originally anticipated. Now that you’ve given it the code name (yes, I’ve discovered … Read the rest→

Dear Tami, I was heartbroken when I read your letter last weekend in which you stated that you need us to spend less time together. This has been difficult for me to bear as I have so enjoyed spending time with … Read the rest→

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