Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Tagged: Laird Sapir

As many of you may remember, last year my fellow writers and I collaborated on the spellbinding and thrilling round robin tale, The Octopus Knows. (click here to read all of the luscious chapters over at Laird Sapir’s blog.) The … Read the rest→

WELCOME TO THE NEWLY REDESIGNED KASBAH! Come on in. No passport required. I’m so excited to finally throw open the doors for the official kasbah-warming party! Come on in and have a look around. While some things have remained the … Read the rest→

The super creative and talented Laird Sapir and I started a conversation on Twitter a while back in which we wondered what Shakespeare would have put on a mix tape if he had lived during the 80’s when making them for … Read the rest→

In early April, the talented and creative Laird Sapir suggested a collaborative fiction writing project that would develop across the blogs of writers from various genres. Each participating writer is given the task of continuing the story at the point the last … Read the rest→

Today, fine readers, I have temporarily left the cozy confines of the kasbah to hang out with my friend, Laird Sapir, at her ultra hip blog where I’ll be sharing the lessons my extroverted kids have taught me. I hope you’ll follow … Read the rest→

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