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In last week’s question y’all were asked to consider whether you would rather have the details of your romantic life be made into a hit sit-com or have your personal finances be known to everyone you meet. The results are in and twice as many people chose to go with the sit-com as those who chose the personal finances route. Of those who chose the sit-com option, several people cited being able to laugh at oneself as a reason for selecting it.

One person in particular shared her grand plan to make her sit-com into a big hit, thus reaping tons of money from it. It was this reasoning that swayed me to select the sit-com option as well. With any luck, I’ll be able to hitch my wagon to her ambitious one and get myself written into the script as the wacky next door neighbor or cubicle-mate at the office. I envision a kind of Three’s Company meets Melrose Place meets The Office.

I know, it has hit comedy written all over it.

And now, on to this week’s question…

In order to win $5000, would you rather

be trapped in an elevator for several hours with three incredibly smelly, yet friendly goats

Going up? photo credit: onkel_wart (thomas lieser) via photopin cc

Going up? photo credit: onkel_wart (thomas lieser) via photopin cc

– OR –

have to ride in the back of a truck for several hours with fifteen cantankerous geese?

Need a lift? photo credit: Daveness_98 via photopin cc

Need a lift? photo credit: Daveness_98 via photopin cc


So, dear readers, which will it be? A long, smelly, yet friendly goat-filled elevator ride? Or a long truck ride some not so friendly geese? Give this one a whirl in your funny little brain and then share the results. I always love to hear from you.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Would You Rather Question: Goats or Geese

  1. I think I have to go the the geese — I’m a little too claustrophobic for several hours stuck in a lift,,, er, elevator!

    • One truck of cantankerous geese coming right up!

      (And thanks for the reminder that not everyone calls them elevators.) 🙂

  2. Tami, you are totally cracked. Which is why I follow you.
    Smelly goats had my nostrils twitching in revolt enough to know-know-know I would pick door #2 before I reached the grand ‘OR’.
    And then… cantankerous geese? By cantankerous, I suspect you mean nippy, with those nasty little beaks. Perhaps they will poop on my shooze and thing that is great fun (come to think of it, the goats might do the same. mental note: wear rubber boots)
    The fashion-conscious in me will pack a nose plug to compliment said rubber boots. I’ll travel with the goats. Maybe stand on one of them so I’m tall enough to poke my head through the trap door and take in fresh air.

    • Yes, I am totally cracked. My mind works in mysterious ways.

      Once again, sound logic prevails in your answer, Sherry. Good thinkin’ with the rubber boots and nose plug. Cantankerous geese would find it hilarious to cover your nice shooze in their droppings and I think that would smell worse than the goats.

  3. At first I though the elevator trip with those cute little goats would be fun, but then I remembered that I would probably freak the little critters out by my behavior if I were actually stuck in the elevator. Then I thought, well, maybe I could handle fourteen ducks, but fifteen? That might just push me over the edge. So now I am back to the beginning. Goats or Ducks? Well, for $5000, I could do either. Even with 15 ducks. I’ll just pack some, um, calming influences…for the ducks in the truck, or for me and those cute goats in the elevator. Sherry, will you loan me your rubber boots and nose plug? Then, Tami, you can print my financial status: $5000 prize winnings, all taxes paid by the slightly off-balance quizmaster.

    • Sounds like you’re choosing BOTH the geese and the goats. You’re such a rebel, Janice. Way to take it to the next level. The Management won’t allow me to double your winnings, though. Sorry.

      And if you truly know how to calm a goose, we may need to talk. Those things terrify me.

  4. Goats, definitely goats. Have seen the horrors cantankerous geese can wreak, and I’d rather hang with goats any day, even if they do have creepy eyes….

    • WORD.

      Geese are evil. Goats, while seemingly unassuming with their floppy ears, creepy eyes, and quizzical expressions, pack their own punch in the olfactory dept.

  5. I love goats, but I would still choose the geese. Being stuck in an elevator with anything? No thank you. Plus, odd as it may seem, I get along with geese. They’ve never been nippy with me. Go figure.

    • You get along with geese?!? What dark magic do you possess, Elizabeth? And can I learn such a skill?

  6. on ,
    Marcia said:

    The geese and I would have to bond in a whole new way….and I think I’d be glad when we arrived at our destination. I would try not to “fly the coop” before our final arrival! (-:

    • I just now imagined you riding along in the back of a truck, talking the whole time to the group of geese. Frankly, it’s cracking me up.

      Don’t worry, I’ll have the sanitizing wipes ready for you when you are done with your ride-along with the geese. 😉

  7. At least the openness of a truck would allow me to escape suffering by flinging myself to my doom, so I’m going to have to go with that 😉

    • I’m sorry, but I check with The Management and I was duly informed that flinging of oneself to one’s doom is not allowed. On the upside, you’ll get to collect your $5000 after your bonding session with the geese. 🙂

        • You would have to pay me WAY more than $5K to spend that kind of quality time with cantankerous geese! You are a brave man, Mike. Be sure to wear your mad whack dance boots. You’ll need them to protect yourself.

    • Oops. that was SUPPOSED to be my response to your response, above… 🙂 I really need to learn to use a computer…

  8. I guess it will have to be the goats. Don’t really like the elevator. Don’t like the truck either. I get car sick, so, truck sick. And with snippy geese, uck! So, that will be me on the elevator, doing the zen thing, trying to stay calm with the goats.

    • If it’s any consolation, the goats are the friendly sort who won’t try to peck your head to a nub like the geese would. I think the goats would welcome a Zen master in the elevator with them.

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