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After a quick tally of the comments on last week’s question – would you rather get to travel outside of your own country to a place you’ve always wanted to see, but with only enough money for barely adequate accommodations and food OR have to stay in your own town or city with more than enough money to spend on doing all the things you’ve wanted to do but could seldom afford? – there appears to be an even split.

There were those of you who chose to stay at home and explore all that there is to offer in your own ‘hood. One person even went so far as stating she would build a grand estate and have all her friends and family come visit. And then there were those who longed to pack the suitcase and hit the road (or the air as the case may be) to sights unseen and adventures not yet taken.

So where would I go? This one was easy for me. I’d get the trusty Rick Steves suitcase packed and head out into this wonderous world. I feel pretty confident I could see and do a lot of things in another city or country without needing a ton of money. That is, as long as I don’t tempt myself by going into stores or bazaars or markets or ancient medinas…

On to this week’s question…

Would you rather have the details of your romantic life be made into a hit sit-com

photo credit: benpedaler via friends.wikia.com

– OR –

have every one you meet know your personal finances?

image via wikimedia commons


So which will you choose, clever readers? Have the intimate details of your love life written up as fodder for a sitcom? Or have everyone you meet be privy to your money situation? Let that one roll around in your noggin a bit and then share those fine thoughts. The tea is ready to wet your whistle. As always, I love hearing from you.

16 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Would You Rather Question: Romances or Finances

  1. You could probably even do a sitcom out of my finances at the moment — whereas a sitcom out of my current romantic life would be, er, pretty much fabricated.
    Since my finances are so dire at present, I have no pride left. So I’d have to say that’d be my choice 😉

    • Hang in there, Ellen. I’m sorry things seem so dire at the moment. With your talent and determination, things will definitely turn around for you.

    • Not to be all Persnickity McPicky on you, but neither isn’t one of the options. Such is the nature of the WYR questions. Plus, you’ll throw off my weekly tallying. 😉

  2. whoa! another tough one! I guess I would have to go for finances – because finances are basically boring, and who would want to watch that anyway.

    • Finances are boring, that’s for sure. But just to be clear, the finances option is only about people you just met having that information about you. The romances option is about a sitcom. Let me know if that changes your answer. I’ll be here all week. 🙂

  3. Oh, thats EASY!!! I would totally have my life made into a hit sitcom. (It might take some seriously creative editing, but…) I am assuming, of course, that providing source material for such a hit would be rewarded by a hefty monthly royalty check, in which case, my financial worries would be OVER! Hell yes! Where do I sign up? I’ll even let them give the character who plays me a ridiculously impossible wardrobe and a haircut that teens the world over will covet. See how cooperative I am? Show me the money!

    • Awesome idea! I think you’re on to something here. Perhaps I could be your wacky next door neighbor in the sitcom, thereby also getting royalties and enjoying the posh benefits of being a pseudo celebrity. Hello Hollywood… 🙂

      • Oh right, it’s not a sitcom about finances. It’s just that everyone would know. So, I’d still choose the finances option. Because I really do not want anyone sit-coming my romantic life!

  4. I’m so going for the sitcom. Not that my finances are of much interest, either, but seems that would be on going.
    With the sitcom, lack of viewer interest assures me the show would be cancelled.
    Hmm. That doesn’t put me into a very positive light, does it?

    • I don’t think your sitcom would be cancelled. You’re far too interesting a person for that to happen. Also, I’m sure your bestie, Gloria, will somehow be in it and with the two of you it’s guaranteed to be a hit. 😉

  5. I’m going to choose the sitcom option as well. There’s something very liberating about being able to laugh at the foibles in our lives. 😉

  6. on ,
    Marcia said:

    The sitcom move is way out of my reality, but what the heck…..it could be fun and may be worth some laughs.

    • I think a reality show based on your life would be highly entertaining. It could be called “The Absolutely True Diary of a Full-Time Germaphobe”.

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