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I Haven’t Been Everywhere, But It’s On My List ~ Susan Sontag photo credit: Absolute Chaos via photopin cc

This week’s Friday theme is about a topic that’s often on my mind:

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Cities such as Prague, London, Barcelona, and Lisbon call to me from across the globe, tempting me to come explore. Then there are adventures to be had in Thailand, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania, and India, too.

But as much as I love exploring a new city or country and challenging myself to see and experience as much as I can, I am in rather desperate need of some rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It’s been a challenging and difficult week month year in my corner of the world and all I can think about is sitting in a hammock on a beach somewhere, reading as many books as I can, pausing only to watch the sunrises and sunsets and to make sure the tiny umbrella in my beverage hasn’t blown away.

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So where will I seek such luxuries? At the top of my beachy list is Hawaii. I also wouldn’t mind the Seychelles, Mykonos, or Fiji. Normally, a few days of this kind of slow-paced travel would be plenty for me and then I’d be itching to go explore a city, but I think I could suffer through a month or two on the beach before things got too boring.

I would rent a small house or cabin with a front porch overlooking the water and while away the hours with this basic unscheduled, itinerary of events: sleep, eat, read, write, walk on the beach, swim, nap, practice British accent, write, read, eat, watch some movies, and sleep some more until I got sick of that routine. Then I’d mix it up by switching the order of things, adding in an extra nap, having midnight dance parties beneath the stars, or installing a zip line between my porch and a palm tree down by the water just to keep things exciting. Anything’s possible.


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Where would you go, adventurous readers? Are you more drawn to a relaxing vacation on the beach or exploring a big city? Or is a hiking/camping/biking adventure more your speed? What would an ideal trip be like for you? Before you pack your bags and grab your passport. come sit, sip, and share. I always love to hear from you.


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18 thoughts on “Where In The World Would You Go?

  1. Sounds wonderful, Tami! I can’t think of anything more relaxing right now 🙂

  2. Another vote for Hawaii (that’s three!). You’re all doing a good ‘sell’… Hope you get your Hawaiian holiday soon, Tami!

    • It’s all a subliminal ploy to get you to visit Hawaii, Ellen. Is it working? 😉

      • Actually it IS working! My innermost wail of “so many places to go” is much like “so many books to read” waaaah!
        BTW, finally got your post linked. Sorry for the delay, but internet at my weekend location was S&*T…

  3. A long, luxuriously simple stay at a tropical location (with lots of beach at your doorstep) sounds absolutely divine!

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  5. Clearly we are like-minded individuals who would be perfectly happy sharing the same beach and the same pitcher of frosty beverages. Oh and practicing our British accents…

  6. Love that quote “I haven’t been to Everywhere…”
    Hawaii looks beautiful but my #1 choice for today is going to be Nikki’s Ireland.
    Must be the Irish in me 😉

    • Ireland (and the U.K.) are on my list of places to see very soon. Nikki’s post made me want to start planning a trip there right away.

  7. on ,
    Brinda said:

    I just started a series about vacations on my blog!

    Here’s a weird note. I’ve been married a long time and my husband has changed. He hated vacations for a long time. It was crazy. He hated the beach and exploring and all the things I loved. Anyway, now he loves this stuff. Well, I’d always thought I’d have to do Hawaii, Italy, Australia…anywhere abroad…alone because there’s no way he’d go. The other day out of the blue, he says, “I’d like to go to Scotland.”

    I was so excited. Then he starts listing all these other places he’d like to vacation. *sigh* I asked him what alien took over his body. He replied, “The alien left.”

    BTW, my answer is Italy.

    • Yay for husbands who like to travel! I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to not travel somewhere just because I didn’t have someone to go with me. I enjoy traveling so much more when I do have a travel buddy, though.

      Italy is fabulous. You and the hubs must start planning for an adventure there. And I’ll be happy to share with you all the of stuff I researched for my trip there two years ago.

  8. on ,
    Marcia said:

    That sounds divine, Tami! Physically and emotionally “thaw” out!

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