Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Last Wednesday, I asked y’all in which place you’d rather live: a library, a museum, or a zoo. Since many kasbah commenters are fellow writers and book lovers, I thought the library option would be the clear winner.

Turns out I was wrong.

A few chose the library, but many of you did not like the isolation you imagined would come with it. A clever twist that made the other two options much more appealing for the bibliophiles was bringing a Kindle, Nook, and/or iPad with to your new home, provided there would be a strong wi-fi connection. But what surprised me most was large number who chose the zoo. I’m not sure what that says about all of you. I’ll leave you to your deductions.

At first glance, I thought I might choose the library, too. To be housed among so many pages of prose and volumes of information seemed to be the logical first choice for a writer. But then I found myself swayed by the comments that were posted and started to give serious thought to the museum and the zoo.

Both locations have their merits, but in the end I chose to go with the museum, preferably one like the Natural History Museum in NYC. I, too, would load up my kindle and laptop, spend my days reading, writing, and walking among the relics of antiquity. If I grew tired of that museum, I would request a transfer to an art museum like the Met or to one in London. I would also request time for exercise outside of the museum in order to get some fresh air and to socialize with friends and family. Also, if I’m being completely honest, I imagined throwing some totally great parties at a museum and that pretty much sold me on the idea of living there.


And now for this week’s Valentine’s Day inspired question:

photo credit: marie-ll via photopin cc

photo credit: marie-ll via photopin cc

Would You Rather…

be given a love potion that you could use on anyone you haven’t met or already know

– OR –

be the creator of such a love potion and be paid extremely well for it, but never be able to use it?

As an added holiday bonus, here’s a song to rouse your romantic side whilst you ponder this Valentine’s Day dilemma:

~Editor’s Note: As a long time fan of The Cure, I must say while I adore their original version, I have come to really love Adele’s sultry, soulful version, too.~


Which will you choose, lovely readers? The love potion to use on someone you’ve never met or be the wealthy scientist who developed it but is destined to find love the old-fashioned way? Sit, sip, and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from you.

21 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Would You Rather Question: For Love or Money

  1. I have Adele’s current album and adore her.

    As for the love potion, I guess I would take the money and run. Since I have a husband who declares undying love for me, I’d have to use it on some unsuspecting, albeit hunky movie star. Wow, that daydream was pretty enticing for a second… Who would that man be? I’ll never tell.

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Yes, if you have the undying love of your sweetheart, then a love potion would be kind of pointless. Lucky you. 🙂

      Who IS this mystery hunky movie star that caught Brinda’s imagination this morning? I’m wondering what it would take to pry the answer out of you…

  2. Definitely the money – mainly because I couldn’t bring myself to use a love potion on anyone. The idea of ‘coercing’ someone to love me is rather abhorrent, really…
    And the money would certainly come in handy!
    Love Adele’s version of that song too. She is totally awesome.

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Yes, a love potion could be seen as a bit coercive. I think I imagined the scientist as spending a quiet lifetime pining after an unrequited love and so creates a love potion that could make his/her dreams come true only to discover it can’t be used by him/her. Yes, I know that’s still coercive, but it’s also romantic in a forlorn sort of way.

      And I totally agree with you and Brinda – Adele is completely awesome.

  3. I would take the money. Any “love” that comes from giving someone a potion is not “love” in my book. I would never feel that it was “real”. At least with all that money I’d be able to travel the world to see and experience wonderful things. And who knows what those travels would bring? Possibly “true” love.

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Taking the money and traveling – what a great idea! Perhaps your true love is hanging out in a museum you’re visiting or happens to give you a warm smile as you pass each other on the sidewalk as you head to the cafe to read. Adventure and love. My favorite combination. 🙂

  4. At last! A question I can answer without timeout for angst, hair-pulling, indigestion …. So yeah, definitely show me the money, baby! Although I admit to wondering how much fun it might be to use my invention –uh, strictly for scientific research purposes of course–I too, am already long married and counting to my own sweet valentine. Oh and what a grand time we’ll have spreading the green bills far and wide.

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      So glad this question was absent of any angst for you, Barbara. Of course you would use the potion for scientific purposes – I wouldn’t have thought any different of you. 😉

  5. Well aren’t we all cynical today!?! I think I’d take the potion, just so I could HAVE it. It could sit beside the lottery ticket I buy every week. I’m never going to win the lottery…but I MIGHT. And I figure that $3 ticket pays for the daydreams I distract myself with whenever things look too dreary. The potion would serve the same purpose. I mean, I MIGHT run across Johnny Depp at the mall, right?

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      This comment made me laugh out loud. I love that it is an optimistic take on using the potion. OF COURSE you’ll meet Johnny Depp at the mall AND you’ll win the lottery. I’ll have some libations ready for you and Johnny when you stop by for a visit to share a wee bit of your winnings with your fellow starving artist writer friend. 🙂

    • Alright, Liv ~ if you DO meet Johnny Depp at the mall and make him fall madly in love with you, you’re totally bringing him over my house so I can meet him ~ right? Right??

  6. First off, Tami, I do hope I’ll be invited to those rockin’ museum soirees!

    Okay. On to the dilemma at hand. Shemar, Shemar, oh how I adore thee. However, I already have one man drilling a hole in my sanity. Gorgeous as you are, once we get past the goo-goo butterfly feeling of new romantic love, you’re likely to pick up a jack-hammer and join in the destruction.

    Tami, hand over the gosh-darned potion recipe so I can make me some rich.

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      You are totally invited to my museum soirees. It wouldn’t be a party without the lady with the leopard print shooz.

      So, are you saying that if Shemar were to pop over for a cup of tea and sat there giving you a smoldering, sexy look, you wouldn’t be the least bit tempted to slip a tiny splash of the love potion in it? Not even a drop?

  7. Good question ~ I’m going to choose the potion. First, you never know when that may come in handy (as we can see from Liv’s comment. I would TRY not to steal her idea & use it on Johnny first ~ no promises) Second, if I created it and then sold it, I would be all worried that it would be used for evil and not beauty. I couldn’t stand the stress..

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Good thinking. Yes, there’s always the chance someone could use it for evil. Or Liv could get her hands on it and Johnny Depp would never be the same. 😉

      • I actually LOVE the way you’re thinking ahead, Kim. I mean, not the stealing Johnny part, but worrying that something you created could get used for bad purposes. You certainly add a layer of complexity….

  8. on ,
    Marcia said:

    Hands down….the $$$$! For romantic dinners, travels, etc, etc….

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Money is so dang useful for so many things. 🙂

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