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Before we jump in to the Would You Rather question of the week, I just want to thank all of you who stopped by on Monday to take a peek around the new kasbah. It means a great deal to me that so many of you came by to say hello and gave such lovely complements. Also, just as a reminder, if you’d like to continue receiving notifications of my posts, be sure to pop your email address in the snazzy Subscribe box there on the right.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming….

Last week I threw a curve ball and gave y’all not two but THREE choices to decide who would make the better skiing or sledding companion. Buddy the Elf was the clear winner, with many a reader pointing out his enthusiasm and energy making him the obvious choice. A few people opted for Rudolph and his GPS-like nose, a handy feature in a snowstorm or if your sled goes a bit off course. And then there was poor Clarence. Though many found him to be endearing, he was not looked upon as the ideal snow pal.

snow, snowman, snowbunny


I am in the Buddy camp myself. He’s got a lot going for him: he likes winter and winter-time activities like sledding and skiing, he probably has some good winter gear having been raised at the North Pole, he would be fantastic to have on your team in a wicked snowball fight, he has good taste in junk food, and he would sing me songs when I was waiting to be airlifted to the hospital because of a broken leg after falling down the ski hill since I don’t know how to ski and really should have just gone sledding.

And now, for this week’s question:

Would you rather have a famous song written about you


have a famous book written about you?


So, fine readers, what will you choose this week? To be forever immortalized in a song or in a book? Also, do you have plans to celebrate the last triple number date (12/12/12) that we’ll have in this century? If so, how do you plan to celebrate? Have some tea and share. I always love to hear from you.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Would You Rather…? question: A Song or A Book

  1. Hmmm…that is tough, and though I love the written word, I am going to have to come down on the side of a song. As long as it wasn’t a song about what a jerk I am. If that were the topic, I’d rather it be put into a book, preferably a long, boring, and unpopular one.

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Smart thinking. Though I can’t imagine anyone thinking you a jerk. They’d probably sing about your bedazzling skillz and Mad Whack dance boots. All the kids would be dancing to it in all the most popular clubs. There would even be a clothing and jewelry line. So many possibilities. Now that I think about it, if I were you I’d go with the song. 😉

      • You are SO RIGHT! Song it is.

        (Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was bedazzling my mad whack dance boots.)

        • on ,
          Tami Clayton said:

          No prob. If I had a dime for every time I had to apologize for tardiness due to bedazzling projects, I’d be a rich woman. 😉

  2. This Would You Rather posts a bit of a problem for me, Tami. You see, DH is shy about the limelight, so many songs you hear actually are written about me. To keep his identity private, DH kindly accredits his work to other artists. Van Morrison’s Brown-Eyed Girl. That’s about me. Legs by ZZ Top. That’s about me. Lady In Red by Chris de Burgh. Me me me. Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply. You guessed it, the song’s about me. Peter Frampton, Baby I Love Your Way? Yup. Me.

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Holy guacamole. I never knew so many popular songs of decades past were about you, Sherry! DH is truly a humble guy who has a way with words. You are one lucky lady. Your/His secret is safe with me.

  3. You know what? I’m going to come down on the side of song too. The thought of a whole book is far too intimate and intimidating. A song would likely focus on the highlights, and could even be filled with vague references and melodic repetitions. (I’m hoping for a folk song.)

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      I’m sure if there were a song written about you, Ellen, it would have “vague references and melodic repetitions” about what an awesome writer you are. 🙂

  4. Song, song, song!

    Sherry stole my fib creative thunder in her comment. The entire time I read your prompt, I had Wild Thing on my all-about-me list. Of course, there are a plethora of songs using my name. My fave? The Doors version from waaay back in the day.

    Just give me a beat I can dance to, and I’m golden.

    btw: Love the look! Laird is brilliant. Of course, I subscribed.

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      You and that Sherry woman are so popular with the song writers. I’m glad you cleared up the mystery of who Wild Thing was written about. I had my suspicions.

      Thanks for the kind words on the kasbah’s new look and for your much-appreciated subscription. It’s always good to have your company in the kasbah. 🙂

  5. Song! Song! Song!

    Sherry stole my fib creative thought. The entire time I read your comment prompt, I had Wild Thing playing in my noggin. As you may or may not know [whistle] a plethora of several songs have been written using my name. My personal favorite? The Doors version from back-in-the-day. So many memories. [Refer to Wild Thing comment.]

    I can’t and will not lay claim to the Gloria Christmas Hymn. Love the hymn. Hate being struck by lightning.

    Love the new look. Laird rocks! And, yes, I subscibed. Woot!

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      The Doors song about you is a great one. You must have made quite an impression on them back then. 😉

  6. I also will go with the song. I’d like to think it would be upbeat with a driving guitar riff somewhere in there. You know, exciting and puts you on your feet dancing around the kabash…

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      The Black Keys song that Benedict sent me – “Gold on the Ceiling” – came to mind when I read your comment. I agree, if I were to have song written about me, it would definitely have to get people dancing when they heard it.

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Good point, Suzanne. It’s awfully hard to hum a book. 😉

  7. Well, I’ll confess to having written myself into a couple of books already – walk-on rolls only – so I’d go for the song. Maybe one set to a traditional chant melody… 😉

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      My walk-on rolls aren’t so tidy in my books – they are more like fractions of me spread out over several people. Not sure what that says about me. Not sure I want to know, either.

      A traditional chant melody would be a lovely way to be immortalized in a song. Seems like th choir could start working on that for you. 😉

  8. First ~ love the new digs here in the Kasbah! Next onto the whole book/song thing ~ I agree that a book is far too intimate and to tell you the truth, I’ve always wished there was a song with my name in it, so song it is. I’m not picky, any little ditty will do, but it’s got to have the name ~ any version of the name: Kim, Kimberly or Kimi ~ and I’m kinda hearing it rock. Not dancy, not romancy, but crank it up in your car and sing it loud rock 🙂

    • on ,
      Tami Clayton said:

      Thanks, Kim! The song option seems to be the popular choice for the very reasons you mentioned – less revealing, less intimate. I guess I figured if I were to have a book written about me it would certainly be a goofy comedy. But a sing-out-loud rock song that makes you roll down the windows in your car would be pretty sweet.

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