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Last week’s question, “Would you rather have to speak in movie and song quotes or in Pig Latin forever?”, had readers nearly unanimous in their preference. Votes for the quotes won by a landslide. There was one undecided commenter and I have yet to hear back on her decision, though I suspect she is trying out both (hopefully not simultaneously) and will let me know which is the better one for her job at the university.

As for me, I think I will be following the crowd and joining the Quote Revolution despite being nowhere near proficient at being able to whip out quotes or song lyrics quickly if that were to comprise the entirety of my lexicon.

Fair warning: this is where the majority of my quotes will come from. Just sayin’. Source: facebook.com via Shire on Pinterest

Even so, I think it would be preferable for my family, friends, and colleagues over Pig Latin. Ixnay on the Atinlay, or so I was told. I think y’all would agree it would get tiresome to decipher after a while. Which, of course, is why everyone chose quotes. I knew y’all were a smart bunch.

Sorry about the Pig Latin thing. Loved your work in Charlotte’s Web, though. ~ image credit: ucumari via flickr

And now for this week’s question:

Would you rather have a refrigerator that constantly stocked itself with your favorite food and drink 

– OR –

have a car that never broke down or ran out of gas?


What will you choose, clever readers? Lifetime supply of food and drinks or the world’s most reliable car that never runs out of gas? Sit, ponder, and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from you.

24 thoughts on “Wednesday’s “Would You Rather…?”: the Refrigerator vs. the Car

  1. Oooh. That is really really tough. I mean…If I had the refrigerator that stocked itself with my favorite foods I’d probably gain a lot of weight. And if I lost my job and had a car that never broke down or ran out of gas, I could always use it as a taxi.
    So….I’m going with the taxi.

    • If all of my favorite foods were in my fridge, I might never leave home. A whole fridge full of Chocolove bars? Or avocados? What about speciality cheeses, freshly picked fruits and veggies, and chilled Lillet Blanc? Yes, weight gain might be an issue…

      On second thought, you’ve got some smart thinkin’ on the taxi idea. I like where you’re going with that (pun intended). 🙂

  2. Stocked fridge all the way. With that I wouldn’t want or really need to go anywhere with a car. I’d just stay home and have a series of snacks. If money for bills became an issue, I’d sell food!

    BTW: would there be any right of survivorship with this?

    • Selling the food is a fab idea as well! Great business ideas are poppin’ up in the kasbah this evening.

      As for survivorship, I leave that to your lawyers. Or your refrigerator repair person. Either one could advise you better than I. 😉

  3. Fridge for me too. I seem to find shopping and restocking more of a hassle than refuelling the car. From a cost perspective, I think it would be about the same. (Could the fridge also miraculously have exactly the right amount of food so that it never goes rotten?)

    • I think if you had a magical fridge that kept your favorite foods stocked, then you could program it to have just the right amount of things as needed.

  4. Opposing view weighs in!

    I would go with the car that never breaks down and never runs out of gas. Why?

    I draw energy from people and can’t imagine being stuck at home — especially with a fridge full of favorite snacks.

    [TOTALLY unrelated side-note. I originally typed favourite. I’ve been hanging out with that Sherry Isaac woman too much. She’s lives in Canada (aka The Land of the U Hogs)]

    On the flip side of sales. I would serve as a taxi for those with an unlimited supply of food. It’s a win/win. “Will drive for food.”

    BONUS! I could become a spokesperson for the car company. And, be interviewed on the morning talk shows. And, drive to every STARBUCKS and Barnes and Noble to promote my book and those of my friends.

    EXTRA BONUS! Without the snack food extravaganza, I could continue restart my exercise program so I’d have a stylish figure for those interviews.

    • Creative solution with the taxi food delivery service/book promoter/talk show interviewee. LOVE it. You may want to upgrade to a bus or RV since you’ll be on the road so much and no doubt going to visit people in the Land of U Hogs.

  5. Sorry I missed the pig latin choice. When I applying for university oh so many moons ago, one institution declined my application because, according to their records (from what dark closet of information they obtained records about moi, I have no idea), English was not my first language, and I would only be considered if I successfully completed a a test to prove my proficiency.

    Yes, I often speak in riddles, and am fond of gibberish, but I swear, English is my first and only language.

    Tho for a spell when I was about seven, my tongue loved to twist about phrases in pig latin.

    For todays Would You Rather, I answer on behalf of my beer-loving husband and say, refrigerator that restocks his favourite (there’s that pesky U) beverage, Coors Light.

    Why pick for him instead of self? Because the beer run is often tagged on to the grocery run or other errands I rake care of, since I’ll be passing by…

    • Perhaps the university was referring to your days as a spy with Maxwell Smart, you know, when you spoke 37 languages. It’s easy to confuse such things when you’re diggin’ into someone’s past. Or so I’ve heard.

      Well played on choosing the fridge as a (thinly veiled) altruistic choice for the husband. I think Agent 99 would approve.

  6. on ,
    livrancourt said:

    When I was a kid, my favorite food was Howard Johnson’s fried clams. While I still enjoy a good basket now and then (at Ivar’s, since I’m in Seattle), now I’d have to say my fave food is pizza and beer. There was a phase when pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese was the top of the list.
    None of which comes from a refrigerator…except the beer. So that’s why I’d choose the car that never breaks down or runs out of gas. And I’d even let my daughter drive it, since she’s almost old enough to get her learner’s permit.

    • And the car would allow you to get to the pub for the pizza and beer. Win-win for all involved. 🙂

  7. Have to go with car and gas. Love to just up and go places. Plus, then I can drive down to the store and get just what I need and not a bite more. That should take care of eating too much that would occur if my frig was stocked with everything I love.

    • Having a car to get places is definitely handy, especially if you don’t live in a city where you can easily walk or bike. I also like the freedom to just up and go when I want.

  8. Oh, this is an easy one for me. I actually enjoy cutting coupons, making my meal plan and list, and shopping for groceries. Conversely, every time I get in the car to attempt time travel (i.e., get to church on time, etc.) it’s out of gas. Always. Also, it’d be really nice not to worry about explaining weird car noises to my husband anymore. (“It’s like a clicking/grinding/squeaking/stuttering/whirring/whining/eeeeing/vrrrring/phhhing noise. And it’s coming from the left side. I think. Except yesterday, it was on the right instead.”)

    Yeah. I choose the car. 😀

    • Trying to describe funny sounds that the car is making is so difficult, isn’t it? I laughed out loud when I read your description.

      Now, if only it could truly time travel…

  9. Since we currently spend a lot more on food than on gas, I’d go for the miraculous self-replenishing refrigerator. That way I can use the savings on food to save up for a new car.

    And if gas prices go up a lot, we’ll just stay home more (DH can telecommute or ride his bike to work). At least I won’t have to worry (much) about going grocery shopping, except for dry goods and canned stuff (and why would I need canned pineapples, when my marvelous refrigerator will provide me with one, anyhow?). 😀

    • You know, I hadn’t considered needing non-refrigerated foods until reading your comment. I guess I figured all of my faves would end up in the magical fridge and I could place nonperishables on the shelf once they appeared inside it. And you’re right – why would you need canned anything if the fresh stuff can show up as you wish! 🙂

  10. OH. My. Gosh. You have chosen my two greatest fears and pitted them against one another. I’m serious. I always have too much food in my refrigerator because I worry about running out (I do not have food issues….okay, maybe just slightly) and I always have at least a 1/4 tank of gas. I’m going to have nightmares over this decision.

    • I think you could use a hybrid solution – like Gloria or Ben suggested above. If you take the car option, you can always drive to a friend’s house who chose the fridge option. Or, vice versa, choose the fridge option and sell some of the food should you run into car trouble. Or some other combo not yet presented. The only nightmarish thing (if you can even call it that) is deciding which fabulous wine to pull out of the fridge or which badass car you’ll be driving. 😀

        • As the Queen of the Kasbah, I say anyone who chooses the car option gets their pick of badass cars. Afterall, they are magic cars. 🙂

  11. on ,
    marcia said:

    I love travel and a good road trip is a ton of fun….so even thought the magic fridge is a pull…I’d have to go with the live forever car.

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