Taking Tea in the Kasbah

Last week I challenged all of you adventurous readers to choose how you would conduct yourself during a once-in-a-lifetime dinner date with someone you’ve always wanted to meet. Reasons were given in support of choosing the crab walk and reasons were given in support of inside out/backwards outfits. No abstentions this week as readers were pretty clear on what they’d choose.

Me thinks I need a more difficult question this week.

But first, my answer.


random foliage photo because I couldn’t find a suitable one depicting someone crab walking or wearing clothes inside out/backwards…

Both the crab walk and the inside out/backwards clothes options would be incredibly embarrassing to me as a leans-towards-shy introvert. Both draw unwanted attention. Neither one is quickly done and then forgotten. How to choose?

I decided to do my own experiment. As any good scientist will tell you, a random sampling of subjects is good practice. Unfortunately, strangers in line at the store or the cafe begin to shy away from the crazy lady asking for volunteers to crab walk or to turn their clothes inside out and backwards. Sometimes, restraining orders are involved. Because of these and other legal issues I won’t go into here, I was forced to conduct the experiments on myself.

So, one evening after everyone was asleep (I do have some pride, you know), I downed my Old Estonian Spritzer and then proceeded to crab walk from one end of the house to the other. I found it to be quite challenging to do in a skirt and heels. Then, I went back to my room, turned my clothes inside out and backwards, and then sat down to eat a snack to gauge comfortability of the outfit. My top and skirt weren’t too problematic, but the undergarments and tights? They are made to go a certain way for a reason, people.

So, with my data in hand, I sat down to analyze which scenario would cause me the least amount of grief. And so what would I choose?

The crab walk.

Why? Because eating a meal with someone I’m both excited and nervous to meet while my undergarments are all discombobulated would be more difficult for me to deal with than crab walking in and out of the restaurant. And like some readers have commented, you could have a few beverages and then make it a trendy thing by having your dinner date join you in doing it. Y’all are brilliant.

another random photo for your enjoyment…

And now, on to this week’s question…

Would you rather

only be able to speak in recognizable quotes from movies and songs

– OR –

have to use Pig Latin forever?


So, witty readers, what would you choose? Will it be an eternity of quotes or Pig Latin? How will you choose to annoy speak to your friends or family? Sit, sip, and share. I always love hearing from you.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday’s “Would You Rather…?” Question: Quotes vs. Pig Latin

  1. Easy peasy….movie and song quotes. Wait….NO….pig latin! No, movie quotes. I mean, I’m definitely going to need a bigger boat for this. Hey…is thing on? Beuler? Beuler? Anyone?

    • You crack me up, pal. So, what you’re saying is you’re going to try them both out and see what works best? Fantastic! Be sure to report back. 😉

  2. “You talkin’ to me?” Quotes … the stuff that dreams are made of. Because … nobody puts Baby in a corner. 😉

    I’d need internet access and the ability to “search” for a long time, though.

    • FABulous! It would take me many hours of research and movie watching to build up the number of quotes I’d have on hand. You’re off to a solid start. 🙂

  3. on ,
    marcia said:

    Quotes it is for me…..so I have my work cut out in memorizing song lyrics and movie scripts!

    • Another vote for the quotes!

      Ooh, I hope your nerves and brain have recovered sufficiently. If not, I recommend copious amounts of chocolate to recalibrate everything. Works everytime.

  4. I’m voting for quotes too. Although I’d suck at it because I have a terrible memory for such things. I’d probably be limited to five sentences. Most of them out of the princess bride! Actually, if I could just live in that movie I’d be fine…

    Btw – good choice on the crab walk!

    • I’d probably suck at the quotes thing, too. I’d only be able to quote lines from When Harry Met Sally since I’ve seen it 84,000 times.

  5. on ,
    livrancourt said:

    Quotes. I mean, I kinda do that already with song lyrics, at least in my head. And can I just say that NO WHERE in your previous post does it say that the undergarments would need to be backwards, too. I assumed you meant skirt & blouse, but it’s a whole other ballgame if The Girls are flappin’ in the breeze…

    • Undergarments were implied. I had to be thorough in my experiment. Wouldn’t want to ruin my chance at my fantasy dinner date by not playin’ by the rules. 😉

  6. Quotes, dahling! My daughter and I used to do that anyway. There seems to be a quote, song title, song line, TV title or comic quote that fits everything from “Under the Tuscan Sun” “to the moon, Alice!” “From Here to Eternity.”

    • With the plethora of movies and songs out there in the world, it does seem plausible to speak only in quotes. A sharp memory is all that is needed. 😉

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