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My family loves to play games. They are an important part of our family life and a way for us to have fun and connect with each other after spending all day at work and school. Our collection of games is vast, ranging from the standards like Sorry, Trouble, and Monopoly to some unique ones that our friend, Anne, has sent to us from Germany. (Hi, Anne! *waves*)

Last night, the game that my youngest daughter chose for us to play is one called “Would You Rather…?” If you’re not familiar with the game, it is simply a deck of glossy, colorful cards with four categories of questions on them: Appearance/Embarrassment, Ethics/Intellect, Pain/Fear/Discomfort, and Random (anything goes).

The point of the game is to be able to guess which of the two scenarios your opponent is going to choose before she gives her answer.

For example, my daughter likes to choose from the Appearance/Embarrassment category (probably because they tend to be the funniest and most absurd ones), so one question posed to her last night was:

“Would you rather have your feet replaced by wheels (without brakes) -OR- your hands replaced by hooks?”

Being a rather active child, she, of course, chose the wheels.

Yes, I am glad that this is just a hypothetical game.

Then, if you guessed the same hypothetical scenario your opponent ends up choosing, you, as the card reader, get a point. Some questions are rather difficult to determine what the other players will choose. Sometimes, though, the more difficult task is when it’s your turn to decide which of the less than desirable options to pick. Some are quite thought-provoking and others are downright gross. And for my daughter, the more gross the question, the better.

But there was one that got us in a debate last night that forced us to draw lines in the sand. Words were said, Wikipedia was consulted, childhood loyalties were debased. (Ok, that last one was mostly between me and my husband.)

Because we were so staunch in our convictions on this particular question, I thought I would put it out to you, wise readers, to prove that I am right see what you all would choose. It may divide us into our separate camps based on deep-seated loyalties, or it may show that you are as smart as me unite us under a common view. Either way, I am sure we can debate it like civilized humans without lowering ourselves to shamelessly throwing popcorn at each other while arguing our points.

Not that I would know anything about that.

So, here is the first question of my new weekly post: Wednesday’s Would You Rather question:

Would you rather have to try to elude the pursuit of Wonder Woman -OR- Batman?

I think she looks more than "slightly peeved". ~image from comicvine.com

Weigh in on the debate below along with your reasons for chosing your superhero. I will reveal my stance next week so be sure to check back!

I am trusting we can all keep it clean and keep it respectful. And since this is my blog, only I get to throw the popcorn.

image from wikipedia

10 thoughts on “Would You Rather Question of the Day: Wonder Woman vs Batman Throwdown

  1. Depends on the purpose of the pursuit, Tami, and which actor is playing Batman. Val Kilmer Michael Keaton, I’ll pass. But George Clooney? Well, if Chris O’Donnell’s Robin isn’t available, Georgie will do in a pinch.

    I want to resume (begin anew) horseback riding lessons, so if Wonder Woman tied a knot in that golden lasso that I could untie and escape with, could come in handy. Especially if I took my ‘skills’ to the rodeo.

    So, did I avoid the popcorn shrapnel?

    • Sherry – LOL! Totally agree with you on the George Clooney Batman. I am not sure why you’re being pursued, but I envisioned that I was involved in some kind of super secret spy thing in which I appear to be evil, but in the end I am not. Or something like that.

      And no popcorn thrown at you for being the first to respond. 🙂

  2. Ok, if I had to choose, I’d rather be pursued by Batman, because the thought of being caught by an angry Wonder Woman is truly terrifying. She does everything that Batman does, but better, and in heels. AND her belt could turn into a lasso or something, so she was seriously fashion-multi-tasking.

    • Her outfit was doing some serious multi-tasking, though I’ve often thought the whole bustier thing to be a bit uncomfortable looking. In the picture of her above she doesn’t seem too bothered by it, though. She is fierce looking and I certainly wouldn’t want to piss her off.

  3. My first thought was I’d rather be chased by Wonder Woman than Batman because he tends to do his prowling at night and I prefer to sleep! LOL .. Practical thinking here. WW has a lot of brains … Batman has brains, money and a lot of gadgets. She’s ridiculously tall … I’m not .. and if her hormones happen to be surging — give me Batman! LOL…

    • You definitely have to think with some practicality in mind when being pursued by a superhero. 🙂 Batman does have lots of gadgetry and can be quite formidable. Then again, so does Wonder Woman.

  4. on ,
    Kim Griffin said:

    I would rather be pursued by Wonder Woman ~ although I’m not too crazy about the truth lasso. (Never know what I might say!! yikes..) BUT she may have great fashion tips to share ~ so it evens out..

    Batman just pops up outta nowhere in the dark and would probably give me a heart attack. I would like to take a ride in his cool car though..

    • That Lasso of Truth is quite scary. I’m with you on that – who knows what would come out of my mouth!

      Taking a ride in the batmobile would be super cool. So would the invisible jet. Oh, to be a superhero! 🙂

  5. Batman. Wonder Woman is too tough and all the actors I’ve seen as Batman have something to recommend them – even Adam West, in his Duddly Do-Right kind of way.

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