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It’s time for the Weekend Road Trip, dear readers! In an effort to be a little more eco-friendly to the Earth, I thought we would hop aboard the train and take in the scenery from the rails. With any luck, the treats cart will roll on by and we can buy ourselves some chocolate frogs and add to our growing collection of witch and wizard cards.

Our first stop takes us to a post by Kekla Magoon on the VIDA-Women in Literary Arts site. She eloquently explains why children’s books (and the writers who create it) are just as important as any adult literature that’s out there. It was so well written and so spot-on I just had to share it.

Hop off with me at Jane Friedman’s blog where she gives us a great mash-up of 7 free E-Books for Writers, including one from Noah Lukeman on writing a query letter.

Our next stop is at Some Screaming Fangirl’s blog where she explains how she goes about creating believable twists at the end of a novel in her Tips for Writing Mind-Exploding Endings. I’m definitely going to give her method a try.

For those of you with children in your lives, check out this ingenious creation made by my friend, Meg, over at Grow and Resist. Also, poke around her blog a bit – she’s an avid, creative gardener and enthusiastic cook who weaves social justice issues in many of her posts through her witty prose.

Our last stop brings us to Cristin Terrill’s collection of amazing Teen Book Bloggers You Have to Follow. Some of these teens have been blogging for a few years. Yes, you read that right – years. It was both inspiring and made me feel like a bit of a slacker given I’ve been blogging for the oh-so-long time frame of a couple of months.

Thanks for joining me on another Weekend Road Trip! It’s always good to have the company.

Now, let’s go find Harry, Ron and Hermione and see what kind of trouble we can get in to this weekend.

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    LOVE the look of your blog, and your tagline rocks.

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